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A small book or pamphlet containing poems, ballads, stories, or religious tracts.

[chap(man) + book (so called because it was originally sold by chapmen).]


(Historical Terms) a book of popular ballads, stories, etc, formerly sold by chapmen or pedlars



a small book or pamphlet of tales, ballads, tracts, or poems.
[1790–1800; chap (as in chapman) + book]
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Stewart and Meikle were not the only booksellers to adopt this practice, but the Glasgow firms of Brash and Reid and Cameron and Murdoch (and, after 1798, John Murdoch on his own) equally issued well-printed chapbook versions of poems.
Young has published three other books, including his prize-winning chapbook "Living in the Counterpoint" (Finishing Line Press, 2012), an earlier chapbook “Because the Wind Has Questions” (Somers Rocks Press, 1997), and a full-length collection of poems “Transcriptions of Daylight” (Rattapallax Press, 2000).
Margo Taft Stever's most recent chapbook is The Hudson Line (Main Street Rag).
Her latest chapbook, Neruda Nights, has just been nominated for a Pushcart.
lt;i>New Fables, Old Songs</i> won the 2002 Dream Horse Press National Chapbook Award.
He was puzzled as to why very few of the British Gothic novels had any illustrations at all, in contrast to the French Gothic novels and the British chapbooks, which were often garishly illustrated, particularly in their frontispieces (see figure 4 for a typical, hand-colored chapbook frontispiece).
Jeff Siegrist releases his chapbook, "All We Know is Science," at 6:30 p.
Acting Lessons is a flat-spined poetry chapbook by magazine publisher and "Wisconsin People & Ideas" poetry editor John Lehman.
Giles' chapbook on evaluating the lessons that life places in front of them.
This is one chapbook that can be wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommended to the attention of all poetry enthusiasts and connoisseurs.
poems are from a chapbook, Articulations, to be published in 2007 by
In addition to subject and general indexes, the 2007 edition contains several special indexes: chapbook publishers, book publishers, openness to submissions, and geographical.