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1. A wreath or garland for the head.
2. Roman Catholic Church
a. A string of beads resembling a rosary, used to count iterations in a devotional sequence of prayers.
b. The sequence of prayers counted on such a string of beads.
3. A string of beads.
4. Architecture A small molding carved to resemble a string of beads.

[Middle English chapelet, from Old French, diminutive of chapel, hat, wreath; see chapeau.]

chap′let·ed adj.


1. (Clothing & Fashion) an ornamental wreath of flowers, beads, etc, worn on the head
2. (Jewellery) a string of beads or something similar
3. (Roman Catholic Church) RC Church
a. a string of prayer beads constituting one third of the rosary
b. the prayers counted on this string
4. (Architecture) a narrow convex moulding in the form of a string of beads; astragal
5. (Metallurgy) a metal support for the core in a casting mould, esp for the core of a cylindrical pipe
[C14: from Old French chapelet garland of roses, from chapel hat; see chapeau]
ˈchapleted adj


(ˈtʃæp lɪt)

1. a wreath or garland for the head.
2. a string of beads.
a. a string of beads, one-third of the length of a rosary, for counting prayers.
b. the prayers recited over such beads.
4. a small molding carved to resemble a string of beads; astragal.
[1325–75; Middle English chapelet wreath < Old French. See chapeau, -et]
chap′let•ed, adj.


 a string of beads or a garland, or something that resembles it; a rosary, hence, the prayers recited over it.
Examples: chaplet of beads, 1653; of domestic affections, 1827; of flowers, 1590; of olive leaves, 1839; of prayers; of precious stones, 1450; of roses, 1711; of sharp nettles, 1480; of toad’s eggs, 1835; of laurel, 1691; of rue, 1864.
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Noun1.chaplet - flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposeschaplet - flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
crown - a wreath or garland worn on the head to signify victory
floral arrangement, flower arrangement - a decorative arrangement of flowers
bay wreath, laurel wreath, laurel - (antiquity) a wreath of laurel foliage worn on the head as an emblem of victory


[ˈtʃæplɪt] Nguirnalda f, corona f de flores; (= necklace) → collar m (Rel) → rosario m


n (of flowers etc)Kranz m
References in classic literature ?
See that chaplet dipped with pearls beside the quinine-bottle.
Disinherited Knight,'' said Prince John, ``since by that title only you will consent to be known to us, we a second time award to you the honours of this tournament, and announce to you your right to claim and receive from the hands of the Queen of Love and Beauty, the Chaplet of Honour which your valour has justly deserved.
All the Beyond was hers with its possibilities lurking rosily in the oncoming years--each year a rose of promise to be woven into an immortal chaplet.
He had immoderately praised the effect of the yellow blossoms against her brown tresses; and she had left the chaplet there, and walked back to the house swinging her straw sailor in her hands.
I encountered a chaplet or string of miserable and unfortunate people, and did for them what my sense of duty demands of me, and as for the rest be that as it may; and whoever takes objection to it, saving the sacred dignity of the senor licentiate and his honoured person, I say he knows little about chivalry and lies like a whoreson villain, and this I will give him to know to the fullest extent with my sword;" and so saying he settled himself in his stirrups and pressed down his morion; for the barber's basin, which according to him was Mambrino's helmet, he carried hanging at the saddle-bow until he could repair the damage done to it by the galley slaves.
Save for a narrow breech-clout, a pair of ear-plugs, and about his kinky hair a chaplet of white cowrie-shells, he was naked.
Then she knelt down at the edge of the stream and amused herself, like a child, in casting in her long tresses and pulling them abruptly out, to watch the shower of drops that glittered down, looking, as the sunlight struck athwart them, like a chaplet of pearls.
Behind this lightsome couple, so close to the Maypole that its boughs shaded his jovial face, stood the figure of an English priest, canonically dressed, yet decked with flowers, in heathen fashion, and wearing a chaplet of the native vine leaves.
A chaplet of pearls sparkled amid her black hair, with a gauze of silver network flowing back from it over her shoulders; a black mantle was swathed round her, and she leaned back in her chair as one who is fresh from a journey.
The withered chaplet my dear,' said Flora, with great enjoyment,
In thus calling your attention to some of the peculiar features in the principles, the character, and the history of our forefathers, it is as wide from my design, as I know it would be from your approbation, to adorn their memory with a chaplet plucked from the domain of others.
The whole of the window sashes reeked with it, and round Lucy's neck, over the silk handkerchief which Van Helsing made her keep on, was a rough chaplet of the same odorous flowers.