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 (kăr′ə-sĭd) also char·a·cin (-sĭn)
Any of numerous freshwater fishes of the family Characidae, which includes the tetras.

[From New Latin Characidae, family name, from Greek kharax, kharak-, a kind of sea bream.]
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Noun1.characid - any freshwater fish of the family Characinidaecharacid - any freshwater fish of the family Characinidae
cypriniform fish - a soft-finned fish of the order Cypriniformes
Characidae, family Characidae - tropical freshwater fishes of Africa and South America and Central America
tetra - brightly colored tropical freshwater fishes
cardinal tetra, Paracheirodon axelrodi - small bright red and blue aquarium fish from streams in Brazil and Colombia
caribe, pirana, piranha - small voraciously carnivorous freshwater fishes of South America that attack and destroy living animals
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