Relating to, based on, or determined by the character of a person or group: "[Ivanov's] wallowing in that great Russian characterological weakness, melancholy" (Peter D. Kramer).

[From characterology, the psychological study of character and personality.]

char′ac·ter·o·log′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌkær ɪk tər əˈlɒdʒ ɪ kəl)
of or pertaining to character or to the study of character and personality.
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While Trollope insists upon an individual ethos that can pursue "disagreement without disagreeableness" (62), his novel finally reveals that "systemic dishonesty can't adequately be answered by, or reformed as, characterological honesty" (59).
For example, the Experience of Shame Scale (ESS; Andrews, Qian, & Valentine, 2002) is a multidimensional measure that assesses characterological shame ("I am ashamed because I am a 'bad' person"), behavioral shame ("I am ashamed of the behaviors I do"), and bodily shame ("I am ashamed about my body and my appearance").
Theoretically dense, critically ambitious, and interpretively rich, it casts genuinely new light on the narrative and characterological dimensions of Marlowe's plays.
Thus, these ratings did not seem to reduce to intellectual, experiential, or characterological factors.
Lawson's work contains a kind of characterological theme - other nonfiction books include The Dukes of Oxy , about drug-peddling hustlers, and Octopus , about hedge-fund hustlers - and it's fair to say he has a bit of the street operator himself.
Before I turn to it, however, let me be clear that if weakness of will is empirically vindicated as a defect that exists and operates independent of cognitive, physical, or characterological defects, and if weakness of will, so identified, can plausibly be morally condemned, then it, too, may form an eligible condition for making the capacity judgments that are crucial to deeming negligence blameworthy.
In particular, the book describes how political debates focusing on irony have invoked irony in characterological terms, placing such arguments and characters within the context of fiction writing.
It is unlikely, however, that the characterological improvement, process of self-discovery, and recommitment to honesty that are required of all parties for there to be a good society can emerge from the practice of something harsher than the sweet arts of persuasion.
2002) found that characterological and bodily shame made independent contributions to current depressive symptoms.
41) Finally, characterological coherence concerns whether the characters of the story are trustworthy and relatable.
Janoff-Bulman (1979) made a distinction between the tendency for some patients to attribute their illnesses to their own behaviors, referred to as behavioral self-blame, and the tendency for some patients to attribute their conditions to their dispositions, referred to as characterological self-blame.
I have found this aspect of mindfulness useful for patients who feel angry or entitled, with characterological problems.