Relating to, based on, or determined by the character of a person or group: "[Ivanov's] wallowing in that great Russian characterological weakness, melancholy" (Peter D. Kramer).

[From characterology, the psychological study of character and personality.]

char′ac·ter·o·log′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌkær ɪk tər əˈlɒdʒ ɪ kəl)
of or pertaining to character or to the study of character and personality.
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For the spectator, the film's representational paradox is that the prehistory of the Western (which Once Upon a Time purports to provide) is accessible only in the terms of the Western itself: while the action of the film may address the Western myth's foundational moment, it can do so only in the genre's own paradigmatic narrative and characterological norms (silent revenger, "outlaw hero," Bad Man, unscrupulous businessman, whore, etc.
But we are not in the original position when making characterological choices, and if we reasonably assess that our interests will be maximized by occasional defections from the social contract, then we would reasonably develop the disposition to appear sincere when we are not (but can fool people and violate the social contract with impunity).
Slowly but surely his characterological sneakiness and hidden nastiness came to the fore in therapy, as did accounts of the dysfunctional way he lived his life and related to others.
Thus, "Valjean" in Lelouch's Les Miserables is a specifically trans-mediated characterological phenomenon, existing across the borders between high and low, literate and illiterate, cultural locations.
In A Full Moon of Women (5) Molinaro's portrait of Simone Weil--the Christian philosopher of Jewish origins, who died, perhaps by choice, of starvation during World War II and whom Molinaro has termed the "Jewish saint"--becomes a prime example of this characterological type.
Capitalism and especially its characterological incarnation, greed, remain the arch-evil for many self-respecting intellectuals.
Employer perceptions of employability were operationalized in this study in terms of traits that might be construed as stable characterological traits such as motivation, productivity, and self-reliance.
Given the contradictory and confusing way that Western culture handles sexual development, it is erroneous to assume that asocial sexual acts of children are vis-a-vis characterological pathology.
In casting this characterological focus as a problem, however, they underline the unspoken understanding that documentary characters need to resemble real-world personages, for whom, supposedly, mundane concerns of personality are central.
Stable-2007, SOTIPS, SRA FV), which are also useful in focusing treatment and intervention strategies on those characterological and lifestyle issues most highly predictive of reintegration problems.
Rather than subject Mitchell's novel to characterological readings or, worse, tests of historical "accuracy," we must recognize that this paradigmatic historical novel presents, in its characters, plot, and form, a legitimate historical problem--not, as many might suspect, how the losing side of history might narrate its defeat and survival, but rather how the losing side of history might completely forget its defeat.