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A style of popular Cuban dance music characterized by the use of violins and flutes along with percussion instruments, piano, bass, and vocals.

[American Spanish, short for charanga (francesa), French band, from Spanish charanga, irregular popular orchestra, probably of imitative origin.]


(Music, other) a type of orchestra used in performing traditional Cuban music
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American jazz musician Douglas Little, who happened to be in Havana with his band Charanga Tropical during Wednesday's announcement, noted that the United States has diplomatic relations with Vietnam even though it went to war with that country.
st]; CHARANGA featuring Hansel & Raul and the reunion of Charanga 76 on April 25, 2015; and THE MIAMI SOUND featuring Willy Chirino with special guest star Carlos Oliva rounding out the first season of CUBA BEAT on June 13, 2015.
Summary: DUBAI - Charanga, a kids fashion brand from Spain, on Tuesday made UAE foray by opening its first outlet at the Dubai Mall.
Stores opening soon include Charanga for children, ladies fashion brand Monsoon, QUIZ and Agatha.
A relocated Kenneth Cole and newly opened Birkenstock, broadening the fashion offer while stores opening soon include children's store Charanga and ladies fashion stores Monsoon, Quiz and Agatha in addition to Anota and Bahraini-owned Boulevard Gallery and Noof Boutique which recently opened.
Known as the "kings of charanga, Orquesta Aragon--creators of the mambo dance craze of the '50s and '60s--is considered a pillar of Cuban music.
This will help us pay them well and they can sustain themselves better," said W Charanga, Chairman, PARDO.
Unveiling the programme of this festival designed to boost artistic, cultural and tourist dynamics in different parts of Djerba, the founder of this event, created since, 2002 Lassaad Elghaieb told TAP news agency that celebrities will be present including singer Nathalie Cardone, Charanga Habanera group as well as artists coming from Cuba, Martinique, Madagascar, Sicily, Reunion, Mallorca and Greece as well as Kerkennah and Djerba.
Under the genre designation "Dance," one will find the headings alegrias, buleria, and charanga, though these terms link to recordings that do not reflect these sub genres.
I loved making music and got my first guitar when I was 13, along the way I've picked up 10 other guitars, a banjo, a ukulele, two trumpets, a banjolele, a mandolin, an autoharp, a charanga, two pianos, a tenor guitar, a triangle and even made myself some coconuts (made strangely enough, from a coconut).
My friends in Cuba call me "El Charanguero Gozador", which means that I am a big fan of Charanga Habanera, a Cuban Salsa band.