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n. pl. cha·ran·gos
A ten-stringed mandolin of Andean regions with a sound box traditionally fashioned from the shell of an armadillo or tortoise, now also made of wood.

[American Spanish, from charanga, charanga; see charanga.]


an Andean ten-stringed instrument of the lute family
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Giles Bravery is over in France on a buying mission and missed seeing Charango win the Ripon Cathedral Maiden Stakes.
The result is three ranges, Suter, Rio Diamante and Charango, the own brand of its UK agent Vinoceros, which will retail between 4 [pounds sterling] and 7 [pounds sterling].
huayno, pisco, charango, soles), clarification of allusions to famous works (Poemas humanos and Amauta), or identification of historical personages (Belaunde, Odria, Mariategui, et cetera).
Keith, who trained that wonderful old prolific point-to-pointer and hunter chaser Mr Dow Jones, took out a trainers' licence in September 2003 and soon got himself noticed winning with horses like Legal Lunch, Charango Star, Hold 'Em, Masjoor, Rajam, Silver Blue and Hills Of Aran.
The band have used a variety of instruments to make new sounds including the oddly-shaped dulcimers, and an Argentinian stringed instrument called the charango.
Clemente played a unique instrument known as the charango, which is like a ukulele and has a back made from the shell of an armadillo.
Among the standout performances are charango virtuoso Ernesto Cavour's "Greda Mestiza," a wondrous blend of string instruments; "Wistu Vida," a rousing blend of vocal choruses, panpipes and charangos drawn from Quechua carnaval traditions that the folkloric group Semilla performs with gusto; and "El Guajojo," a bolero-style ode to the moon of Santa Cruz featuring violin, guitar, panpipe and bongos, and showcasing the lustrous and passionate voice of Ester Marisol.
TRAINERS Colin Tizzard and Keith Goldsworthy can each boast excellent records with their runners on this tight, figure-of-eight circuit and their respective runners Earl's Kitchen and Charango Star go to post on the back of recent wins.
CHARANGO STAR had trainer Keith Goldsworthy dreaming of a Cheltenham Festival success after his fine staying performance to land the four-mile handicap chase.
Parts Of The Process is an 18-track affair, pulling in highlights of their four albums to date - Who Can You Trust, Big Calm, Fragments Of Freedom and Charango - plus a couple of new songs.
She grew up listening to vernacular Mexican music and playing the charango before obtaining her doctoral degree at London's City University.
The latest Charango disc finds them in a pillaging mood, heaving up large quantities of shimmering soul exotica, shot through with hoary old organ fills and bristling with a surprising number of guitar-hero solos from Ross Godfrey.