charcoal gray

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Noun1.charcoal gray - a very dark grey color
gray, grayness, greyness, grey - a neutral achromatic color midway between white and black
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The ProMAX v2 is 2' wide x 4' tall x 3" thick and comes in Charcoal Gray, and Burgundy & Purple.
According to the brand, the Manila store has a contemporary design, with graphite concrete floors, charcoal gray walls, etched glass doors and blackened steel elements.
Fresh colors of indigo blue and charcoal gray, in distressed patterns, round out this assortment.
5 inches) sizes, the carts may be configured with a variety of drawer configurations and in three textured metal colors: charcoal gray, putty and black.
Rear seat - charcoal gray ABS includes rear cargo barrier with seat
4 will be available in elegant Charcoal Gray for USD26.
MACtac Roll Label has expanded its portfolio of opaque labelstocks with several new facestocks, including thermal transfer, high-gloss options, and a semi-gloss, featuring a charcoal gray, opaque primer for an end product that ensures 99 percent opacity, MACtac s opaque labelstocks provide cover-up while maintaining the whiteness and brightness of the sheets' facestocks.
Painting some of the home's exterior walls dark charcoal gray makes them recede, blurring the boundary between house and garden.
The crystal bottle reflects colors such as silver, black and charcoal gray depending on how light is shone on its surface, it added.
8 inches, the printer comes in putty and charcoal gray and can be shelf- or wall-mounted.
It is available in computer room white or charcoal gray in ranges of -17 to 49[degrees]C (2 to 120[degrees]F) and 2 to 98 percent relative humidity.
The unit is available in computer room white or charcoal gray in ranges of -17 C to 49 C and 2% to 98% RH.