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tr.v. char·broiled, char·broil·ing, char·broils
To broil (meat, for example) over charcoal or another fuel source until the edges are charred or grill marks are visible: charbroil a steak.

[char + broil.]


(ˈtʃɑːˌbrɔɪld) or


(of meat) grilled over charcoal
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95 STARTERS | | White onion & Parmesan veloute, crispy shallots | Spanish chorizo and broad bean risotto, freshly-torn basil, Parmesan and lemon | Heirloom tomato salad, torn burrata cheese, aged balsamic, olive oil and garlic croutons, crisp rocket MAIN| | Beer-battered haddock, triplecooked chips, 'posh peas', tartar sauce, lemon wedge | Fresh clams cooked in a white wine, garlic and chilli sauce tossed in fresh spaghetti, finished with chives and lemon | Hudson Quay Lasagne, 12-hour slow-cooked Bolognese layered with fresh pasta and ricotta cheese sauce served with garlic and herb ciabatta | Wild mushroom and black truffle risotto, aged Parmesan, chargrilled asparagus | 6oz picanha rump steak served with triple-cooked chips, roasted baby tomatoes, rocket and Parmesan salad (PS2.
FOOD lovers from across the North East are being invited to celebrate all things chargrilled at one of the region's newest restaurants.
The 14oz Warrior burger is joined by The Chief - featuring a 7oz burger, chargrilled chicken breast coated in Scorpion Hot Sauce, bacon, jalapenos, cheese and chilli mayo.
The menu also offers diners a host of main courses, such as traditional Turkish barbecue dishes like shish kebab and lamb cutlets marinated with herbs and chargrilled.
50 on Carte D'Or Vanilla Ice Cream (900ml) and Birds Eye Inspirations 2 Fish Chargrilled with Juicy Lemon, Rosemary & Thyme (300g), both PS2 instead of the usual PS3.
So, eager to escape from the norm, I tried the fillet steak pitta with chargrilled veg.
Choose from starters including vegetable broth, cod goujons and chargrilled black puddings, mains including traditional roast turkey, salmon steak and panseared chicken breast.
Free range chicken and asparagus lasagne with mornay sauce, pesto and rocket Ingredients Serves 6 For the pasta 250g 'oo' pasta flour 2 eggs plus 2 yolks Salt and pepper 2tsp olive oil For the mornay sauce 500ml of milk 50g unsalted butter 50g plain flour 50g parmigiano reggiano (parmesan) Salt and pepper Pesto 1 cup of roasted pinenuts 1 cup of fresh basil 1 cup of parmigiano reggiano 1 cup of olive oil 1 garlic clove Salt and pepper For the chicken and asparagus 2 bunches of asparagus - chargrilled 3 free range chicken breasts - sliced into strips and chargrilled Method Place all the pasta ingredients into a food processor and pulse lightly until resembling breadcrumbs, tip onto worktop and bring together.
serves four) Ready in 15 minutes INGREDIENTS 350g fresh pasta, such as penne 250g peas 1 tbsp olive oil a handful of fresh basil leaves 3 tbsp basil pesto 25g grated Parmesan 150g chargrilled antipasto courgett3s, sliced 100g baby spinach 225g halloumi, sliced METHOD 1.
The range includes Chargrilled Pepper Compote, San Marzano Tomato Chutney, Roasted Ratatouille, Caponata, Pepperonata, Caramelised Red Onions with Balsamic Vinegar and Chargrilled and Barmarked Courgettes with Lemon and Rosemary.
There are two products in the range: chargrilled chicken with mozzarella cheese and pesto (170g) and bacon, cheese & mustard mayonnaise (145g), with a rsp of 2.