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adj. char·i·er, char·i·est
1. Very cautious; wary: was chary of the risks involved.
2. Not giving or expending freely; sparing: was chary of compliments.

[Middle English chari, careful, sorrowful, from Old English cearig, sorrowful, from cearu, sorrow; see care.]

char′i·ly adv.
char′i·ness n.


the state of being chary
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Noun1.chariness - the trait of being cautious and watchfulchariness - the trait of being cautious and watchful
circumspection, caution - the trait of being circumspect and prudent


Careful forethought to avoid harm or risk:
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Allah Almighty did not exercise chariness in granting us His bounties but did we thank Allah Almighty for these?
Perhaps more promising as regards certain states of nationality might be a public campaign focusing on the chariness of the government's formal policy for espousing the claims of its nationals at the international level.
5) Yet in this respect the essential deviousness of the short story form, in which so much needs to be suggested by so little, houses a radical potential: through its reticence, its instinctive chariness of normative representation, the short story can slip through the totalizing narratives of the dominant culture.