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also char·ka  (chûr′kə, chär′-)
A spinning wheel used in India for spinning cotton.

[Hindi carkhā, from Persian charkha, diminutive of charkh, wheel, from Old Persian *carka-; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈtʃɑːkə) or


1. (Tools) (in India) a spinning wheel, esp for cotton
2. (Textiles) (in India) a spinning wheel, esp for cotton
[from Hindi]


or char•ka

(ˈtʃɑr kə)

n., pl. -khas or -kas.
(in S and SE Asia) a cotton gin or spinning wheel.
[1875–80; < Urdu < Persian]
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Tenders Are Invited for Request for Proposal (Rfp) for Empanelment of Eight Spindle New Model Charkhas Suppliers (Guidelines Regarding Application for Empanelment of Manufacturers With Kvic and Supply of Khadi Implements (8-spindle New Model Charkhas) to the Khadi Programme Implementing Institutions).
The project and the field trial of the solar charkhas have already begun on a pilot basis in some states, including Rajasthan and Bihar.
It is to add technology to spinning by charkhas as per the vision of Gandhiji who wanted the application of science to the spinning wheel; only that technology should not replace humans.
Swings, Phulkaris, Charkhas etc were displayed to create public awareness among the students.
All 500 women have been provided all the tools and equipment including sewing machines, khaddis and charkhas, as well as toolkits to enable them to produce quality products.
Now, power driven spin- dle charkhas are being used to make the works a bit easier for the workers.
In Jodhpur Pakhar Village in Talwandi Sabo, Gurlal Singh's family has been involved in making Charkhas for generations.
The Minister also distributed 25 new model charkhas among local artisans at the function, which was organised Khadi and Village Industries Board Srinagar at 90 Feet Road, Soura.
The last requisition that they got very recently was for 100 charkhas.
Mohan Rao, State Director, KVIC, Andhra Pradesh said the effort is to replace the old charkha with new e-charkhas so that the villages could become self-sufficient in generation of electricity.
Tenders are invited for 2nd call and final call for supply and installation of charkhas and accessories