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Any of various elementary particles consisting of a charm quark and an antiquark.

[From charm.]


n, pl -nia
(Atomic Physics) physics an elementary particle that contains an antiquark and a charm quark
[C20: from charm (sense 7)]
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Its nature sparked a lot of interest in the theory community because it is charged and decays to charmonium.
Los decaimientos de la tabla 1 incluyen mesones escalares, vector-axiales y tensoriales de la familia charmonium en el estado final, mientras que, los procesos de la tabla 2, cuyas fracciones de decaimiento se calcularon en el modelo ISGW2, tienen mesones escalares y tensoriales de la familia charmed en el estado final.
The psi/J particle consists of a charm quark paired with a charm antiquark to form a combination known as charmonium.