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(ˈkær əˌfaɪt)

any green algae of the class Charophyceae (or group Charophyta), comprising the stoneworts.
[< New Latin Charophyta <Char(a) a genus of stoneworts]
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Fish effects on charophyte establishment in a shallow, eutrophic New Zealand lake.
The Klunas fossil fish locality on the right bank of the Skujaine River corresponds to the mainly clastic deposits of the Tervete Formation (Fm; coincides approximately with the trachytera and possibly postera conodont zones of the Standard Conodont Zonation, the Famennian Stage of the Upper Devonian), and yields a rich assemblage of fossils represented by fish, charophyte algae and vascular plant remains, as well as rare trace fossils.
The soundest approach, perhaps, is to appreciate and understand the extensive evidence available for advanced charophyte--land-plant relationships and then to examine carefully the life cycles of these charophytes for the potential evolutionary insights they may bring (i.
Although many charophyte species exhibit an intermediate habitat fidelity, others are very sensitive to disturbance and show strong fidelity to more pristine lakes.
The habitat hosted a large number of charophyte species and was also characterized by the presence of some higher plants.
2014), the loss or degradation of charophyte communities is detected under severe eutrophication pressure (Schubert and Blindow, 2003; Selig et al.
The filamentous green algae found in these larval habitats in the present research belonged to the genus of filamentous charophyte green algae, Spyrogira (Zygnematales: Zygnemataceae).
Altogether 14 taxa were recorded throughout the study period: 5 species of red, 2 species of brown, and 2 species of green algae, 1 charophyte species, 5 species of flowering plants, and 3 macrozoobenthos taxa (Table 3).
It should be noted that there are at least 25 charophyte species in the Great Lakes region alone (unpubl.
Wastewater toxicity assessment using the electrophysiological response of a charophyte Nitellopsis obtusa // Environ.