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A breechloading rifle introduced into the French army in 1866.

[French, after Antoine Alphonse Chassepot (1833-1905), French gunsmith.]


(ˈʃæspəʊ; French ʃaspo)
(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a breech-loading bolt-action rifle formerly used by the French Army
[C19: named after A. A. Chassepot (1833–1905), French gunsmith who invented it]


(ˈʃæs poʊ)

a breech-loading rifle, closed with a sliding bolt, introduced into the French army after 1866.
[1865–70; after A. A. Chassepot (1833–1905), French mechanic, who invented it]
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There appeared now to be a constant danger of marrying the American girl; it was something one had to reckon with, like the railway, the telegraph, the discovery of dynamite, the Chassepot rifle, the Socialistic spirit: it was one of the complications of modern life.
Q: I have a Chassepot rifle, Model 73 that is 37 inches long.
The resulting Fucile d' Fanteria Modello 1860/67 was a bolt-action, needle-fire rifle inspired by the German Dreyse and French Chassepot rifles, and fired a combustible 17.
There were several options, including a needle-fire system like the Dreyse, in which a long needle penetrated a paper cartridge to ignite a percussion cap, and the Chassepot, then being adopted by the French, which also employed a self-consuming cartridge.
The Prussians were impressed with the French Chassepot and issued numbers of captured carbines to their mounted troops as the Chassepot-Karabiner.
et tous les ventres qui, chassepot au coeur, font du patrouillotisme [.
et tous les ventres [c'est-a-dire, la reduction du bourgeois a son ventre saillant] qui, chassepot au coeur, font du patrouillotisme [.
French long-service professionals fought against Prussian conscripts, Chassepot rifles and Mitrailleuse machine guns against the Dreyse needle gun, Krupp's new steel breech-loading six-pounder gun against the French army's four-pounder bronze muzzle-loaders, an efficient general staff against a poor one.
Sus armas -mosquetones y fusiles de piston, fusiles Chassepot y Remington "rolling-block", pistolas, sables, dagas, hachas y picos- acabaron en los museos pontificios.
Contract award notice: gresswiller (67): 6th rmat - building 0012 chassepot district heating gas passage and thermal insulation of facades (phase 2) - id 444098 cosi.
866 Chassepot rifles were obtained, possibly from German dealers, but were found unsuitable and returned to Germany to be converted to use metallic cartridges.
His amazing new work covers the development, trials and adoption of the Bavarian Werder, the Gew 71 in all of its configurations, the Kar 71, the conversions and adaptations of the French Chassepot needle-rifles captured from France during the Franco Prussian war and culminates with the Gew 71/84, the last black-powder cartridge rifle officially adopted by Imperial Germany.