v. t.1.same as chastise; - a variant spelling; as, She chastized him for his insensitive remarks.
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Residents experience agonizing pain, caregivers chastize themselves and families express outrage.
After Hawk posted the photo of him swinging his daughter from his skateboard without a helmet, Instagram users began to chastize Hawk for his supposedly unsafe parenting techniques.
But we've got to chastize a brother when we think he's doing wrong.
God first generally corrects us with Whips;" he wrote, "if that will not do, he must chastize us with Scorpions.
In fact, Luther was quick to chastize anyone questioning concordism:
He does not cross over to India to chastize the Tamils and refrains from wrecking vengeance on Tamils who were living in Sri Lanka, side by side with Sinhalese as its inhabitants.
Recently retired Brigadier General Joe Sharpe has been quick to support the "broken soldiers" and to publicly chastize the Department's misguided priorities.
Supervisors are hesitant to enforce policy or to chastize and suspend violent officers, while departments rarely track complaints systematically and sustain them only in rare circumstances.
Bevington uses Rowse's Lanyer as an illustration with which to chastize the certainties of some historical readings of literary texts and to demonstrate the tools and interpretive subtleties of literary scholarship.
for violating the Convention, because Britain allows private schools to spank students and because parents are allowed to chastize their own children in their home.
The only controversy arose when John McLennan of the Newspaper Guild union took the microphone during the debate to chastize the Congress for wading into the debate over the Charlottetown Accord, arguing that the absence of an FTQ representative on the CLC Executive Committee caused the Congress to ignore the debate from a Quebec perspective.
If Mazzucato chastizes the private sector's short-termism, she seems convinced that decisionmakers that allocate resources for and within government are uniformly intelligent and farsighted.