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also châ·teau  (shă-tō′)
n. pl. cha·teaus or cha·teaux (-tōz′)
1. A castle or manor house in a French-speaking region.
2. An estate where wine is produced and often bottled, especially in the Bordeaux region of France.
3. A large country house.

[French château, from Old French chastel, from Latin castellum, castle; see castle.]


(ˈʃætəʊ; French ʃɑto) or


n, pl -teaux (-təʊ; -təʊz; French -to) or -teaus
1. (Architecture) a country house, castle, or manor house, esp in France
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Quebec) the residence of a seigneur or (formerly) a governor
3. (Brewing) (in the name of a wine) estate or vineyard
[C18: from French, from Old French chastel, from Latin castellum fortress, castle]


or cha•teau


n., pl. -teaus (-ˈtoʊz) -teaux (-ˈtoʊz, -ˈtoʊ)
1. a castle, fortress, or stately residence in France.
2. a large country house or estate, esp. in France.
3. a winegrower's estate, esp. in the Bordeaux region of France: often used as part of the name of a wine.
[1730–40; < French; Old French chastel < Latin castellum; see castle]
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Noun1.chateau - an impressive country house (or castle) in Francechateau - an impressive country house (or castle) in France
country house - a house (usually large and impressive) on an estate in the country


chateau [ˈʃætəʊ] [châteaux] [ˈʃætəʊz] (pl) nchâteau m
References in classic literature ?
I forgot -- the furniture of the different chateaux "
It was dotted with bright-looking, steep-roofed, villages, and each showed a distinctive and interesting church beside its wireless telegraph steeple; here and there were large chateaux and parks and white roads, and paths lined with red and, white cable posts were extremely conspicuous in the landscape.
This Falleix, a respectable Auvergnat who had come to seek his fortune in Paris with his smelting- pot on his back, had found immediate employment with the firm of Brezac, collectors of metals and other relics from all chateaux in the provinces.
The whole face of the country was scarred and disfigured, mottled over with the black blotches of burned farm-steadings, and the gray, gaunt gable-ends of what had been chateaux.
Yet they had still the human gift of speech, and would take council among themselves in their brushwood hovels, glaring with bleared eyes and pointing with thin fingers at the great widespread chateaux which ate like a cancer into the life of the country-side.
Luxury properly belongs to the boudoir and the guest-chamber, to great houses and chateaux.
Rising in steep roofs and spires of seagreen slate in the manner of the old French-Scotch chateaux, it reminded an Englishman of the sinister steeple-hats of witches in fairy tales; and the pine woods that rocked round the green turrets looked, by comparison, as black as numberless flocks of ravens.
This flat, flourishing, easy country never could have looked more rich and prosperous than in that opening summer of 1815, when its green fields and quiet cities were enlivened by multiplied red- coats: when its wide chaussees swarmed with brilliant English equipages: when its great canal-boats, gliding by rich pastures and pleasant quaint old villages, by old chateaux lying amongst old trees, were all crowded with well-to-do English travellers: when the soldier who drank at the village inn, not only drank, but paid his score; and Donald, the Highlander, billeted in the Flemish farm- house, rocked the baby's cradle, while Jean and Jeannette were out getting in the hay.
PARK CITY, Utah, March 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chateaux Deer Valley, located mid-mountain at Deer Valley Resort, is offering a lucky couple an Ultimate Wedding Giveaway.
In 1855 the French designated chateaux growths from first to fifth according to the prices their wines commanded.
The package includes a two-night hotel stay in Brussels, two nights in any of the chateaux, air fare and car rental.
Relais et Chateaux has 150 distinctiveestablishments in France.