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cat's-eye quartz


Having a changeable luster.
A chatoyant stone or gemstone, such as the cat's-eye.

[French, present participle of chatoyer, to shimmer like cats' eyes, from chat, cat, from Vulgar Latin *cattus, perhaps of African origin.]

cha·toy′an·cy n.


1. having changeable lustre; twinkling
2. (Jewellery) (of a gem, esp a cabochon) displaying a band of light reflected off inclusions of other minerals
(Jewellery) a gemstone with a changeable lustre, such as a cat's eye
[C18: from French, from chatoyer to gleam like a cat's eyes, from chat cat1]
chaˈtoyancy, chaˈtoyance n


(ʃəˈtɔɪ ənt)

1. changing in luster or color: chatoyant silk.
2. (of a gemstone) reflecting a single streak of light when cut in a cabochon.
3. a chatoyant gemstone, as a cat's-eye.
[1790–1800; < French, present participle of chatoyer to change luster like a cat's eye, v. derivative of chat cat]
cha•toy′ance, cha•toy′an•cy, n.
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Adj.1.chatoyant - varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles; "changeable taffeta"; "chatoyant (or shot) silk"; "a dragonfly hovered, vibrating and iridescent"
colorful, colourful - having striking color; "colorful autumn leaves"
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In many ways, while celebrating the eloquence of internal relationships, the Color Field painters aspired to a similar neutrality or, rather, transparency of touch: Frankenthaler's Pollock-inspired stains, Noland's pristine stripes and bars, Louis's weightless layers and cascades, Olitski's gravity-defying radiant sprays and chatoyant swipes, or Poons's disembodied throws, in which gravity becomes an agent of drawing.
AT Sandown, Mick Kinane teams up with Bill Watts to canter home in the Brigadier Gerard Stakes aboard 7-1 chance Chatoyant.
Le recit proustien projette sur le salon des Verdurin un eclairage chatoyant, affirmant que Mme Verdurin, a la faveur du dreyfusisme, a attire chez elle des ecrivains de valeur qui momentanement ne lui sont d'aucun usage mondain parce qu'ils son dreyfusards.
Hormis la promenade de la corniche qui peut servir de lieu de randonnees rafraichissante, a la brise caressante du matin et au scintillement chatoyant du crepuscule, nul autre espace en ville ne peut captiver les touristes, meme pas le souk traditionnel ou encore la citadelle, en depit de leur aspect original et patrimonial.
He just failed to get up in the Newmarket Guineas meeting handicap (run over 1m1f for the first time this year) in which the last colt to come from a handicap, Chatoyant, was also runner-up in 1994.
Not only the "green beryls" of Pasht--who is a "cat-headed Egyptian sun-goddess" (Wilde, Poems 308) (17)--are chatoyant, but also the Sphinx herself who is a "cat" with "eyes of satin rimmed with gold" (1.
Et, le plus edifiant exemple se livre en [beaucoup moins que]rouge et noir[beaucoup plus grand que] de cette USMA au football chatoyant qui a essuye sept defaites avant de faire son deuil et chasser son chagrin pour renouer avec l'epreuve qu'elle gagnera .