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v. chat·tered, chat·ter·ing, chat·ters
1. To talk rapidly, incessantly, and on trivial subjects; jabber.
2. To utter a rapid series of short, inarticulate, speechlike sounds: birds chattering in the trees.
3. To click quickly and repeatedly: Our teeth chattered from the cold.
4. To vibrate or rattle while in operation: A power drill will chatter if the bit is loose.
To utter in a rapid, usually thoughtless way: chattered a long reply.
1. Idle, trivial talk.
2. Communication, such as email and cell phone calls, between people who are involved in terrorism or espionage, as monitored by a government agency.
3. The sharp, rapid sounds made by some birds and animals.
4. A series of quick rattling or clicking sounds.

[Middle English chateren, of imitative origin.]

chat′ter·er n.


1. someone or something that chatters
2. (Animals) another name for cotinga
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Noun1.chatterer - an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talkerchatterer - an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker
speaker, talker, verbaliser, verbalizer, utterer - someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous); "the speaker at commencement"; "an utterer of useful maxims"
2.chatterer - passerine bird of New World tropicschatterer - passerine bird of New World tropics
New World flycatcher, tyrant bird, tyrant flycatcher, flycatcher - large American birds that characteristically catch insects on the wing
genus Cotinga - type genus of the Cotingidae: cotingas
Rupicola rupicola, cock of the rock - tropical bird of northern South America the male having brilliant red or orange plumage and an erectile disklike crest
cock of the rock, Rupicola peruviana - bird of the Andes similar to Rupicola rupicola
bellbird - any of several tropical American birds of the genus Procnias having a bell-like call
Cephalopterus ornatus, umbrella bird - black tropical American bird having a large overhanging crest and long feathered wattle
References in classic literature ?
The latter then led towards the gardens the major part of the beaux, the ladies and the chatterers, whilst the men walked in the gallery, lighted by three hundred wax-lights, in the sight of all; the admirers of fireworks all ran away towards the garden.
At all events, it will be less wearisome than to listen to chatterers.
It had been easy for me to gain a temporary effect by a mirage of baseless opinion; but it is ever the trial of the scrupulous explorer to be saluted with the impatient scorn of chatterers who attempt only the smallest achievements, being indeed equipped for no other.
My wife acquired a degree of culture and reasonableness from her training here which made her seem a superior being among the chatterers who form the female seasoning in ordinary society.
And these were the opportunities that the Chatterer waited for.
The opportunity came to the Chatterer one day when I was alone in the nest.
When she saw that she could get no redress and that her words were despised, the Owl attacked the chatterer by a stratagem.
I couldn't bear the idea of her being criticized by every empty-headed chatterer belonging to the Cause.
Here was a man of recognized character and achievement disclosed as an absurd and dreary chatterer.
Was it possible that Flora could have been such a chatterer in the days she referred to?
I have before now told thee many times, Sancho," said Don Quixote, "that thou art a mighty great chatterer, and that with a blunt wit thou art always striving at sharpness; but to show thee what a fool thou art and how rational I am, I would have thee listen to a short story.
Valentin de Bellegarde was, by his own confession, at all times a great chatterer, and on this occasion he was evidently in a particularly loquacious mood.