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adj. chat·ti·er, chat·ti·est
1. Inclined to chat; friendly and talkative.
2. Full of or in the style of light informal talk: a chatty letter.

chat′ti·ly adv.
chat′ti·ness n.
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According to Fosse, Buch, Safvenbom, and Martinussen (2015) extraversion are portrayed by friendliness, vigor, and chattiness.
In regards to chattiness, 83 percent of travelers said conversation with other passengers or people sitting next to you should end after a "hi and a smile.
THERE'S always some chattiness in the office, but is gossip becoming an issue?
And ahead of the showdown in Deventer, the Welshman is convinced his counterpart's sudden chattiness in the press bodes well.
The early impression is a marked contrast to the downbeat, relatively informal style of his predecessor, Francois Hollande, derided for his "little jokes", chattiness with the media and desire to be a "normal" president.
Plus your focused chattiness will prove that all those trips to Starbucks really do have a business purpose.
Unlike Piolo Pascual's own regional TV outing, which is supposed to be fun and venturesome and spontaneous, but is actually quite careful, Anne's natural exuberance, chattiness and eagerness to share twinkling discoveries about Manila are generally delightful.
Then it's all about using the power of the Sun to attract people to your light, the chattiness of Mercury to flirt and Venus to seal the deal.
The 'buzz' was described as more intense than other drugs, inducing euphoria, chattiness and confidence.
These lines are missing Ashbery's avuncular humor, but the chattiness and air of desultory pontification that are his hallmarks are here, floating along in a lofty trail of near-abstractions, as if Ashbery were translating a poem by G.