cheap money

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: money - credit available at low rates of interest
credit - money available for a client to borrow
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FLS was launched in mid-2012 by the UK central bank to provide cheap money to banks.
It is now generally accepted, however, that the Fed's cheap money policy has done little to help the real economy, but instead created asset bubbles.
The sweet poison of cheap money stands in the way of reforms and numbs investors' risk awareness.
A decision by US policy makers to raise rates would be a milestone on the road to ending a period when central banks have used huge stimulus measures to support economic recovery with a flood of cheap money that has also propped up shares.
An interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve would mark the ending of a period which has seen the central banks use huge stimulus measures to aid economic recovery, with a flood of cheap money that has also propped up share prices.
This would end nearly a decade of monetary easing that provided an inflow of cheap money into the world's economy in order to counter the global financial crisis.
She said too many individuals had got into "so much personal debt - and then cheap money and cheaper goods dried up and we had a financial crash, which meant everyone was left in a precarious predicament".
Therefore, they will try even harder, with cheap money and expensive threats, to secure some kind of servility.
The banks will have an access to long and cheap money.
With liquidity remaining high due to cheap money policies adopted by most central banks, equity valuations are high, especially in the US.
Dubai: The euro may plunge further this week on cheap money policy stance taken by the European Central Bank and as deflationary fears persists.
The irony of a Jewish bank raising cheap money from Muslim investors shows once again that "money" has no political boundaries.