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n. Slang
1. A cheap item.
2. A stingy person.


informal cheap
informal a cheap thing


(ˈtʃi pi)
Informal. n.
1. an item less expensive than others of its kind, esp. a cheaply made, often inferior product.
2. a stingy or miserly person.
3. cheap or inferior.


A. ADJde barato
B. N (= ticket, meal etc) → ganga f
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The little Issigonis front-wheel-drive cheapie car that the world took to heart was a totally different animal to today's offering
My chum overheard this hilarious conversion as the brainy boys took a cheapie Buzz flight from London to Munich last week.
One of the playoff appearances was a cheapie resulting from the 1981 strike.
At pounds 8695, the LS model I drove was some way from a bargain basement cheapie, but it did demonstrate just how much new thinking is going into small car development.
Even when battling a robot duplicate of his own big bad self built by alien apes in the campy '74 cheapie ``Godzilla vs.
But Ramsay's blender could only muster eighth place, one place lower than Worrall Thompson's pounds 50 model from Breville and four behind the Argos cheapie.
Godzilla'' certainly is no cheapie, even if filmmakers Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin know how to cut corners on costs.
Costing nearly pounds 140,000 the Blenheim is no cheapie but offers blistering performance from its six-litre V8 engine.
This one, though, wasn't a cheapie, as he launched a change-up left over the plate for a three-run shot to give High Desert a 7-2 lead.
We've had sharks, piranha and killer bees, but cult director Jeff Lieberman turned to the humble earthworm for his 1976 natureattacks horror cheapie.
A pair of cash-strapped students agree to take part in a drug trial with disastrous results in this straight-to-DVD horror cheapie.
Well-built fizz, more earthy, upfront fruit than some severe cheapie champagnes.