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n. Slang
1. A cheap item.
2. A stingy person.


informal cheap
informal a cheap thing


(ˈtʃi pi)
Informal. n.
1. an item less expensive than others of its kind, esp. a cheaply made, often inferior product.
2. a stingy or miserly person.
3. cheap or inferior.


A. ADJde barato
B. N (= ticket, meal etc) → ganga f
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As you would expect, this is no cheapie at PS27,995 and this is reflected in the use of high-quality materials in the cabin and exceptional equipment such as an 8in infotainment screen.
What started life as an agricultural cheapie has been fettled and polished into something far more refined.
No, the grey hairs haven't caught up with me – yet – not while the cheapie shops still stock my favourite hair dye at a quid a pop.
Despite sounding like an old Charles Bronson cheapie, here's a film that is both wanton and well made.
Despite sounding like an old Charles Bronson cheapie, here is a film that is both wanton and well made.
Rather than rushing out another Tinker Bell cheapie, Disney has actually given the film a decent budget, and it's not just the under-10s who'll be entranced.
We're pretty sure many of you are looking to get in on cheapie deals, and why not?
She is not the only cheapie who went on to big-race success, suggesting BBAG has been underestimated by owners and agents.
But this does not mean it is just the cheapie as it features some remarkable qualities.
He was spotted travelling in economy on cheapie Portuguese airline TAP last week.
His 100th hit was kind of a cheapie, but we'll take it, a pop-up in the sun there, but he's had a lot of good ones too," said Tomahawk head coach Neil Burke, in perhaps the understatement of the season.