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2. Any of several similar bromes, especially Bromus secalinus.

[Perhaps akin to cheat, bread made of inferior-quality wheat (from Middle English chet, from Old French) + grass.]
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Noun1.cheatgrass - annual or winter annual grass with softly hairy leaves of the Mediterraneancheatgrass - annual or winter annual grass with softly hairy leaves of the Mediterranean
brome, bromegrass - any of various woodland and meadow grasses of the genus Bromus; native to temperate regions
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Additionally, ITD plans to use herbicide treatments in the future to control invasive annual plants like cheatgrass, once the seeding has established.
Habitat fragmentation from oil and gas development is a significant factor in places like Wyoming, and invasive plants like cheatgrass are taking their toll on grouse habitat, as well.
Western Needle-and-Thread (Stipa comata), and introduced Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum; Clarke and Bryce 1997).
Ranching becomes a major focus, particularly the harm caused by non-native cattle grazing, which spreads the stubborn invasive plant cheatgrass.
Spotting the herd feeding along a cheatgrass ridge, I was able to get below them and used a small coulee for cover to move closer.
Grass awns are found in several plants, including cheatgrass, Canada wild rye and foxtail barley.
At one site, the line between a logged area and an untouched high severity burn patch was very "clearcut" (pun intended): The logged area was covered with golden cheatgrass and other invasive plants, while the naturally regenerating patch had a green groundcover of native ferns, shrubs, and flowers intermixed with dozens of small conifers and black oak saplings.
Several invasive species are also locally abundant, including Russian thistle (Kali tragus), goat head (Tribulus terrestris), and cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum).
Also known as drooping brome or cheatgrass, Bromus tectorum is responsible for significant wildfires in the U.
The relative rate of root development of cheatgrass and medusahead.
Chapters are: framing the empty; urban places/empty spaces; go away closer; a crucible for populist resistance; the fragile desert; cheatgrass empire; the solace of empty spaces; constructing the oquality of lifeo city; the persistent possibility of failure; errant into the wilderness; cowboys and clerics; the coming convergence.
For instance, cattle can be used to get rid of cheatgrass, an invasive species that promotes frequent wildfires, if the cattle are used as bovine lawnmowers in early spring and when the grasses are dormant in winter, but grazing can actually increase cheatgrass amounts if done when there is a moist fall and early season rains.