check mark

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check mark

A mark placed next to an item to show that it has been noted, verified, or approved.



1. to stop or arrest the motion of suddenly or forcibly.
2. to restrain; control: to check an impulse.
3. to cause to diminish, as in rate or intensity.
4. to verify the correctness of, as by comparison.
5. to inquire into, search through, etc.: to check the files for a missing letter.
6. to inspect or test the condition, performance, safety, etc., of.
7. to mark so as to indicate choice, correctness, verification, etc. (often fol. by off).
8. to leave in or accept for temporary custody: Check your coats at the door.
9. to surrender (baggage) for conveyance.
10. to mark with or in a pattern of squares: to check fabric.
11. (in chess) to place (an opponent's king) under direct attack.
12. (in ice hockey) to obstruct or impede the movement or progress of (an opponent).
13. to prove to be right; correspond accurately.
14. to make an inquiry or investigation, as for verification (often fol. by up, into, etc.): Check into the matter.
15. to stop suddenly.
16. (in chess) to make a move that puts the opponent's king under direct attack.
17. to crack or split, as paint.
18. (in poker) to decline to bet.
19. check in, to register or report one's arrival, as at a hotel or airport.
20. check (up) on, to investigate, scrutinize, or inspect.
21. check out,
a. to leave a hotel, hospital, etc., officially, esp. after settling one's account.
b. to verify or become verified.
c. to confirm or be confirmed as fulfilling necessary requirements, being in working condition, etc.
d. to total the cost of purchases and collect payment from (a customer).
e. to lend or borrow (an item) officially, as from a library.
f. Informal. to depart quickly or abruptly.
g. Slang. to die.
22. check over, to examine or investigate thoroughly.
23. a written order, usu. on a standard printed form, directing a bank to pay money.
24. a slip showing an amount owed, esp. a bill as for food or beverages consumed.
25. a ticket given for items left in a checkroom, to customers waiting to be served, etc.
26. a criterion, standard, or means to insure against error, fraud, etc.
27. an inquiry, search, or examination.
28. a mark, often indicated by (✓), as on a list, to indicate that something has been noted, acted upon, approved, etc.
29. a sudden arrest or stoppage.
30. a means of stopping, limiting, or restraining.
31. a test or inspection, as to ascertain quality or performance.
32. a pattern formed of squares.
33. one of the squares in such a pattern.
34. a fabric having such a pattern.
35. (in chess) the exposure of the king to direct attack.
36. an ice hockey maneuver designed to obstruct or impede the movement of an opponent.
37. a counter used in card games, as the chip in poker.
38. a small crack, as in a painted surface.
adj. interj.
39. (used as a call in chess to warn that an opponent's king is in check.)
40. Informal. all right! agreed!
in check, under restraint: to hold one's anger in check.
[1275–1325; Middle English chek, chekke (at chess) < Old French eschec (by aphesis), variant of eschac < Arabic shāh check (at chess) < Persian: literally, king (an exclamation: i.e., look out, your king is threatened); see shah]
syn: check, curb, restrain refer to putting a control on movement, progress, action, etc. check implies arresting suddenly, halting or causing to halt by means of drastic action: to check a movement toward reform. curb implies slowing or stopping forward motion: to curb inflation; to curb a horse. restrain implies the use of force to put under control or hold back: to restrain one's enthusiasm; to restrain unruly spectators. See also stop.
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Noun1.check mark - a mark indicating that something has been noted or completed etc.check mark - a mark indicating that something has been noted or completed etc.; "as he called the role he put a check mark by each student's name"
mark - a written or printed symbol (as for punctuation); "his answer was just a punctuation mark"
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Starting in 2016, Twitter opened up the verification process to allow any person to request verified status-but did not guarantee the blue check mark would be provided simply for applying.
Despite its original function of authenticating accounts, the blue check mark has grown to become a status symbol.
The decision to remove the verificationAaAaAeAcdisplayed on user profil as a blue badge with a check mark to signify significant AaAaAeAcpublic interestAaAa comes amid intense criticism of the companyAaAaAeAcs policing of posts its service.
Put a check mark in the box next to the appropriate fee.
Tinder said it would use the system employed by social networks like Facebook and Twitter, placing a check mark on the profiles of high-profile members.
It might be useful to remind you that the single check mark next to any message you send tells you the message has reached WhatsApp's servers only.
In the upper-right-hand corner, click the drop-down menu next to the green check mark.
In a report by New York Daily News, the 'Verified Pages' will display small blue circles with a white check mark in the middle to indicate that the identities have been confirmed.
In the first section, Step 1: Select Alerts, place a check mark in the box preceding the alerts you want to receive:
For example--in school if a person is tardy, they get a check mark.
The proposed rule would require employers to place a check mark in a column for all MSDs they have recorded.
According to court documents, officials with the hospital said that Thomas signed the consent form with a check mark beside the organs that were eventually removed.