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Noun1.check register - a register of checks issued (usually in numeric order)
register, registry - an official written record of names or events or transactions
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An entry into the Service Check Register may also result from an adverse finding.
While details of the settlement could not be determined, the city's online vendor check register reflects a $40,000 payment made March 4 to Ms.
LCRA posts its Business Plan and check register on LCRA.
The helpful appendices cover the BAG Allowance Agreement, the Chores Contract, Checks, and the Check Register.
For example, you've exported a check register from your accounting system and downloaded activity from your bank's website, and you simply wanted LO know which checks cleared the bank.
Forget keeping a check register and balancing a checkbook they don't write checks.
Your check register can be used to ensure that the cash outlays for the month, less the one-time payments, equals the amount shown in your cash flow statement.
Developed in response to the growth in retail branching, the Web-based branch-reporting tool within AMB enables mortgage lenders to provide their branch managers with real-time information such as loan-level profit and loss reports, branch check register and originator per formance reports via the Internet.
Positive Pay is a check fraud loss-prevention tool that makes sure that every check paid out of a company's account matches its corporate check register.
A missing check register, or any record of checks issued by the district.
What makes this book such a great resource is the way it relies on user-friendly repetition, various real-life examples that give hands-on experience, and a standard ledger format to make the transition to a check register relatively seamless.