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Noun1.checkout counter - a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchasescheckout counter - a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases
counter - table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted
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Right from day one when we launched our first of its kind mobile payment app, we heard from clients about how convenient it is, and about the positive reactions from their friends and family when they ve paid at the checkout counter with their phone, added Mr.
JDRF Collection Containers will also be placed at each checkout counter, as every penny counts.
When you notice the impatience of the people behind you at the grocery store checkout counter when you're fumbling and searching in your purse, trying to find where you put your cash for safekeeping or unable to see to use the ATM and need assistance.
Exhibition KGR 600: Production and installation of exhibition installations in the form of wall cabinets, themed areas, interior joinery and freestanding furniture for the permanent exhibition of the Aqua Zoo LE[micro]bbecke Museum, for individual special areas are to be made wavy special elements, in the foyer of a checkout counter and shop area are next to each freestanding surrounds the house to produce and to deliver.
While Wal-Mart and other large merchants try to squeeze the benefits of the Visa system at the expense of the consumer, Visa will vigorously defend consumer choice at the checkout counter and the competitive nature of our industry.
and went straight to the checkout counter, officials said.
I'm sure whatever happens, the consumer will end up paying at the checkout counter.
Visa USA will vigorously defend in court every consumer's right to choose how to pay at the checkout counter to stop Wal-Mart's assault on consumer choice.
It was only a few minutes later at the checkout counter that Betty realized what had happened.
Granholm added: "I applaud all of Michigan's retailers for ensuring that consumers get holiday bargains -- not expensive mistakes -- at the checkout counter.
Trend-Setting Retailer Gives Consumers the Choice to Buy Wind Power at the Checkout Counter
Payment by a bank/ATM card with an Interlink logo is handled by swiping the card through a payment terminal and entering a personal identification number (PIN) into a pin pad located at the checkout counter.