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Noun1.checkout counter - a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchasescheckout counter - a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases
counter - table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted
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The app then provides a one-time code valid for four minutes, and this code is scanned at the checkout counter, transferred via Bluetooth to a vending machine or entered at the online checkout to apply the payment.
Walmart in May sued Visa for the right to decide how customers verify debit-card purchases at the checkout counter.
Customers can simply swipe and convert their purchase into an Easy Payment Plan at the checkout counter.
Alex until a few days ago was just an ordinary tween working at the checkout counter of one of Target's superstores.
At BTU Do it Center in Las Vegas, New Mexico, customers pay for their lumber purchases at the checkout counter in the main showroom before driving through the lumberyard that's set up behind the store to pick up their orders.
The Nashua-based firm also reported that it will be spending more than expected to expand its Merrimack facility to build sapphire equipment to sell to other manufacturers, primarily for LED lighting and materials used for commercial purposes, such as screens for scanners at the checkout counter.
However, our goal is not to collect the fee, but to encourage shoppers to make sustainable choices at the checkout counter.
I hear a child's cry, stubbornly demanding 'something', it is not from one of the famine hit African countries and not even from one of the conflict hit Middle Eastern countries but strangely enough from a child, accompanying the parents, at the checkout counter at a supermarket.
Henkel (King County Library, Washington) gives instructions for 55 simple, low-cost, themed book displays, which can be used on the shelf, at the checkout counter, and in the display cases, to promote authors, genres, subjects, and holidays.
Apple Store employees can now unlock iPhone 4 phones specifically made for AT&T by selling them as "Device Only" at the checkout counter.
Haven't seen blood stains on the checkout counter lately.
com reported that consumers are checking out TV screens at the checkout counter, according to a proprietary study conducted by GfK Custom Research North America for San Francisco-based Premier Retail Networks (PRN), which operates Checkout TV Network.