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Noun1.checkout line - a queue of people waiting to pay for purchasescheckout line - a queue of people waiting to pay for purchases
queue, waiting line - a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
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For the first time ever, many people will be "dipping" instead of swiping their credit cards at the checkout line.
The system allows hurried customers to pay for their purchases on their smartphones rather than braving the checkout line.
It provides a real-time look at the number of customers or carts waiting in each checkout line and tracks customer waiting times to eliminate guesswork and help you understand and identify any existing bottlenecks, allowing you to see exactly where customers would like to see improvement.
According to MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle, today people reach for a phone whenever they are alone, at a stop sign at the checkout line in a supermarket, CBS News reported.
When his son Sam, along with his other children, were waiting at a Walmart checkout line, there was a display of Disney's "Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess" DVDs next to family.
For instance, a blowhole, a sand flea, that silly putty smirk you wear in the checkout line while having a nice day.
This might involve moving customers to another supermarket checkout line because of equipment glitches, or simply wasting time trying to find an essential piece of information.
Designed for high-volume retail environments, the 360 Scan Portal speeds consumers through the checkout line, providing them with a better overall shopping experience, while greatly improving operational efficiency for retailers, officials add.
Another lawyer, Roy Minton, said, "This is the kind of stuff you use on the checkout line at a supermarket.
Speaking of what could be considered "little things," KXLY Channel 4 in Spokane, Washington, reported on April 29 how an unnamed good Samaritan spontaneously paid for the groceries of four customers in his checkout line at the grocery store.
The survey found that food safety fears have moved to the front of the checkout line as well over half of Americans (57 percent) say they have actually stopped eating a particular food, temporarily or permanently, as a result of a recent recall.
Clinton placed two 12-packs of soda under her arm (Mountain Dew and Diet Coke) and found her way to the checkout line.