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 (chĕk′ro͞om′, -ro͝om′)
A place where hats, coats, packages, or other items can be stored temporarily.


(ˈtʃɛkˌruːm; -ˌrʊm)
US and Canadian a place at a railway station, airport, etc, where luggage may be left for a small charge with an attendant for safekeeping. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): left-luggage office


(ˈtʃɛkˌrum, -ˌrʊm)

a room where hats, coats, parcels, etc., may be checked.
[1895–1900, Amer.]



A cloakroom is a room where you leave your hat and coat, especially in a place of entertainment.

In American English, a room like this is sometimes called a checkroom.

In British English, cloakroom is also a polite word for a toilet.

See toilet

In American English, a checkroom is also a place where luggage can be left for a short time, especially at a railway station.

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Noun1.checkroom - a room where baggage or parcels are checked
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"


[ˈtʃekrʊm] N (US) → guardarropa m (Rail) → consigna f (euph) → lavabo m


[ˈtʃɛkˌrʊm] n (Am) (for coats) → guardaroba m inv; (for luggage) → deposito m bagagli inv
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Moreover, for a smaller fee it is possible to sharpen the skates or use the checkroom.
Food, drink and any organic material may not be deposited in the checkroom.
There is the bustle of goodbyes around them, people shrugging into coats, accepting hats from the patients who have been assigned to the checkroom.
Some states' limiting statutes differentiate between clothing lost or damaged in the lobby, hallways, and guestrooms, on the one hand, and property lost in a checkroom.
So after various jobs, including his stint as checkroom boy at the city's Bismark Hotel, Sheldon headed for Los Angeles and wrote a screen treatment of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.