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1. The fleshy part of either side of the face below the eye and between the nose and ear.
2. Something resembling the cheek in shape or position.
3. Either of the buttocks.
4. Impertinent boldness: had the cheek to insult his hosts.
tr.v. cheeked, cheek·ing, cheeks Informal
To speak impudently to.
cheek by jowl
Side by side; close together.

[Middle English cheke, from Old English cēace.]




  1. Cheekbones glistening as if they’d been oiled —T. Coraghessan Boyle

    See Also: SWEAT

  2. Cheekbones like bunyons —Steve Stern
  3. Cheekbones, like little gossamer-covered drums —Eudora Welty
  4. Cheeks … always a bright inflamed red, as if they’d been scoured —Jean Thompson
  5. Cheeks … big as a balloon —Njabulo Ndebele
  6. Cheeks bright as a wooden doll’s —Derek Lambert
  7. Cheeks bulging like a trumpeter’s —George Garrett
  8. Cheeks glowing like one of those apples in an expensive fruit shop —Patrick White
  9. Cheeks had turned to blotches of dull red, like some pigment which has darkened in drying —Edith Wharton
  10. Cheeks had risen like puffy omelettes [from weight gain] —Phyllis Bottome
  11. Cheeks … just tinged, like the snow apple —Helga Sandburg
  12. Cheeks … like a raspberry patch —Truman Capote
  13. Cheeks … like caves —John Rechy
  14. Cheeks like poppies —John Galsworthy
  15. Cheeks … pale as a winter snow upon which a few drops of blood have fallen —Arthur A. Cohen
  16. Cheeks … round and ruddy as marzipan fruit —Sylvia Plath
  17. Cheeks … sweet as flowers —The Holy Bible/Song of Solomon
  18. Cheeks the luscious pink of ripening strawberries —W. P. Kinsella
  19. Jowls … hanging like wineskins —Z. Vance Wilson
  20. Red cheeks glistened like polished apples —Anon
  21. Spots of rouge on her cheekbones like a couple of roses pressed into the pages of a book —George Garrett
References in classic literature ?
Jo shook the tears off her cheeks and waited to hear the news.
Tall and with dusky cheeks and hair that fell in a mass from her shoul- ders, a figure should come striding down the stair- way before the startled loungers in the hotel office.
But by the flush that showed under the tan of his chum's cheeks the young financial secretary felt pretty certain that Tom was a bit apprehensive of the outcome of Professor Beecher's call on Mary Nestor.
Her skin was brown, too, and in her cheeks she had a glow of rich, dark colour.
She was growing accustomed to like shocks, but she could not keep the mounting color back from her cheeks.
His roving eyes began to moisten, and before the hymn was ended scalding tears rolled out of fountains that had long seemed dry, and followed each other down those cheeks, that had oftener felt the storms of heaven than any testimonials of weakness.
Dodo looked up in amazement into the sweet young face; the blood rushed to his cheeks, and the tears to his eyes.
Who could speak the dreadful words, while the first tears were wet on their cheeks, while the first pang of separation was at its keenest in their hearts, while the memory of the funeral was not a day old yet?
So the fight lasted for above a quarter of an hour, at the end of which time the page was almost spent and the hot blood flushed his cheeks in a most charming manner.
The tinge in his cheeks was heightened by the mellow glow of the sun's rays as they shone through the medium of the rose- coloured curtains of the window, and Charlotte thought she once more beheld the returning colour of health where it had been so long absent.
As it was, she started when he appeared at the end of the side-alley, and looked up at him with two great drops rolling down her cheeks.
Every one was disposed to be kind to little Ellen Mingott, though her dusky red cheeks and tight curls gave her an air of gaiety that seemed unsuitable in a child who should still have been in black for her parents.