cheese fondue

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Noun1.cheese fondue - fondue made of cheese melted in wine for dipping bread and sometimes fruitscheese fondue - fondue made of cheese melted in wine for dipping bread and sometimes fruits
fondu, fondue - hot cheese or chocolate melted to the consistency of a sauce into which bread or fruits are dipped
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The firm are launching six flavours, each one representing a decade, featuring unusual tastes including cheese fondue for the 70s.
Cheese fondue | | Steak tartare and frites | | Jamon iberico and fresh figs | | Christmas Dinner (the full deal, with Christmas pudding and brandy butter to follow) | Grilled lobster and chips | | A good, aged ribeye steak, cooked rare | A nice hot curry | | Peking Duck, hoisin pancakes
The cooking classes allow students to explore science in a practical way, like balancing the chemistry of cheese fondue, or really learning about where their food comes from.
Pots were then placed on little flames in front of us containing a mixture of melted Appenzeller, Grueyere and Tomme de Savoy Cheese known as The Movenpick Bahrain Cheese Fondue with a side of French baguettes and chilled grapes.
We tucked into a cheese fondue, made of three types of cheese and with potatoes and bread from the Angel's own bakery to accompany.
The celebrations continue at the award-winning luxury dining venues with 3-course set menus, where Pepper Steakhouse offers a must-try winter mountain treat of Swiss Gruyere cheese fondue and slow-roasted pies to get guests into the holiday mood.
With 300 different bottles of hand selected, individually tasted wine customers can enjoy a wonderful night with an added bonus of the classic Swiss Emmental, Gruyere and Vacherin cheese Fondue to accompany the wines.
The Old Crown will also be serving up authentic Alpine-inspired menus, including cheese fondue and raclette.
The Seventies was also the decade that brought us cheese fondue and Black Forest gateau - now there's an idea for a three-course retro
I spend hours walking around -- my Fitbit doesn't know what's hit it -- so I feel justified in eating vats of bubbling cheese fondue in the likes of the tiny, Alpine-hut-like Elsbethen-stAaAaAeAe-bli (elsbethenstuebli.
L'entrecote Corner Bar and Bistro offers Original Swiss Cheese Fondue, a blend of cheese, wine and seasoning in a caquelon or fondue pot set over a tabletop burner.