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, chilectomy
n. queilectomía, excisión de tejido óseo obstruyendo una articulación.
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Treatment of Advanced Stages of Hallux Rigidus with Cheilectomy and Phalangeal Osteotomy
Not one to delay surgery when necessary, Fair underwent a 1st MTP cheilectomy, a fairly common procedure that removes bone spurs and part of the foot bone to improve flexibility in stiff big toes.
Excisional arthroplasty and cheilectomy are also routinely used.
After the operation, called a cheilectomy, O'Neal ``had significantly greater range of motion,'' Mohr said.
Robert Mohr of the UCLA Medical Center will perform a cheilectomy, in which he will shave bone spurs from the toe.
After weighing several options, O'Neal has chosen to have a cheilectomy, in which bone spurs will be shaved off the toe, increasing his mobility and, he hopes, decreasing the pain.
Robert Mohr, chief of podiatric surgery at UCLA Medical Center, had recommended the cheilectomy procedure.