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 (kə-lĭs′ər-āt′, -ĭt)
Any of various arthropods of the subphylum Chelicerata, having mouthparts with chelicerae, a body composed of two main parts, and no antennae, and including the arachnids and the horseshoe crabs.

[From New Latin Chēlicerāta, subphylum name, from chēlicera, chelicera; see chelicera.]


(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Chelicerata, a subphylum of arthropods, including arachnids and the horseshoe crab, in which the first pair of limbs are modified as chelicerae
(Animals) any arthropod belonging to the Chelicerata
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Adj.1.chelicerate - of or relating to or resembling chelicerae
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They compared this to the nervous systems of horseshoe crabs and scorpions and found without doubt that the creature belonged to the chelicerate family.
The scorpion body plan is strikingly similar to that of the extinct eurypterids (Chelicerata: Eurypterida), and on this basis, scorpions can be considered reasonable taphonomic analogues for their extinct chelicerate cousins.
Phylogeny and systematic position of Opiliones: a combined analysis of chelicerate relationships using morphological and molecular data.
Our total dataset for amber and non-amber spiders yields 979 fossil species; thus spiders show the highest levels of paleodiversity approaching three times as many species as the next largest chelicerate groups (Table 1).
However, the few processes representing putative nerve endings may indicate an efferent innervation known also from other chelicerate eyes, which have been shown to induce the movements of pigment granules according to a circadian clock in scorpions (Fleissner & Schliwa 1977; Fleissner 1986).