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Emission of light as a result of a chemical reaction.

chem′i·lu′mi·nes′cent adj.


(Chemistry) the phenomenon in which a chemical reaction leads to the emission of light without incandescence
ˌchemiˌlumiˈnescent adj


(ˌkɛm əˌlu məˈnɛs əns)

(in chemical reactions) the emission of light by an atom or molecule in an excited state.
chem`i•lu`mi•nes′cent, adj.


Light that is radiated during a chemical reaction
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Noun1.chemiluminescence - luminescence resulting from a chemical reaction as the oxidation of luciferin in fireflies
luminescence - light not due to incandescence; occurs at low temperatures
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The potential of chemiluminescence cPCR for diagnostic purposes was analyzed in positive and negative reference clinical samples.
The aims of the present study were: (a) to develop a new chemiluminescence technique for determination of TPO activity, (b) to obtain purified TPO antigen suitable for testing the effect of anti-TPO IgGs on enzyme activity, (c) to test the possible inhibitory activity of anti-TPO antibodies from patients with Hashimoto thyroiditis, and (d) to study the kinetics of the inhibition.
Contract awarded for acquisition laboratory reagents central for screening of blood units consisting prubas igm cytomegalovirus (cmv igm) chemiluminescence method
In addition, China Medical believes that it is the first China-based company to offer an advanced in-vitro diagnostics system, or IVD system, using enhanced chemiluminescence, or ECLIA, technology to detect and monitor various diseases and disorders through laboratory evaluation and analysis of blood, urine or other body fluids.
The Geliance family offers top-of-the-line optical performance, easy-to-use hardware, and software to customers looking for fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging solutions.
Contract awarded for tests 6,500 hiv 1 + 2 + agp24 chemiluminescence method and tests 3,000 hbsag surface antigen hepatitis b method chemiluminescence.
In addition, the assay uses chemiluminescence for detection, which provides a very robust, enzymatically amplified signal, low background, low interference and excellent assay performance.
the "Company") (NASDAQ: CMED), a leading China-based medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets high intensity focused ultrasound products and advanced in-vitro diagnostic systems, today announced that it has successfully completed the development of two HIV diagnostic reagents (the "HIV reagents") using chemiluminescence immunoassay technology for both HIV initial screening and HIV definitive diagnosis.
We are proud to be the leader in bone and mineral diagnostics with the introduction of DiaSorin's third generation of 25-hydroxyvitamin D testing, a LIAISON(R) chemiluminescence assay," said Stephen P.
On-line chemiluminescence detection for isoelectric focusing of heme proteins on microchips.
The Odyssey has better sensitivity than chemiluminescence," says Rob Lewis, Ph.
Development steps include the design and fabrication of stand-alone product models based around chemiluminescence detection.