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Noun1.chemistry lab - a laboratory for research in chemistrychemistry lab - a laboratory for research in chemistry
lab, laboratory, research lab, research laboratory, science lab, science laboratory - a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
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The back work room is equal parts artist's studio, chemistry lab and construction site.
The new lab is the end product of four years of work by Doxsee and Hutchison to develop a green chemistry curriculum from scratch, try it out with small groups of students and finally expand it to the first two terms of the upper-division organic chemistry lab sequence.
IT managers can debug applications, analyze system faults and network protocols and figure out, for example, why the chemistry lab computers can't talk to the attendance computer.
Marketing students at Bentley are spending time in a chemistry lab as part of an interdisciplinary course that partners them with a local company.
SECRET OF MARS: Tucked inside the Curiosity rover is a miniature chemistry lab designed to unlock the secrets of Mars.
An outdated chemistry lab in the Parker Building at the University of Manitoba (U of M) will soon be transformed into a 21st century research and training facility for students, graduates, and local companies.
Each of the microfluidic chips can mix and otherwise manipulate tiny volumes of fluids, essentially mimicking the components of a standard chemistry lab.
Among them were a box of shin guards, an old basketball hoop without a net or backboard and emergency eye wash/shower from a high school chemistry lab.
Dow Kokam's global R&D center, the result of independent investment by the company, is one of the world's most advanced battery laboratories - featuring a wet chemistry lab, process R&D lab, dry/clean room cell assembly center, cell testing site, and quality assurance lab.
His project will take novel molecules and nanomaterials from the chemistry lab into the clinical setting to treat kidney stones and prostate cancer to start.
He also has worked at a chemistry lab and as a graphic designer.
The ability to bring 'a chemistry lab in your hand' to something as big as a solid rocket motor and determine alloy constituents to an accuracy of four decimal places represents a major technology breakthrough," said Fred Schramm, independent research and development program administrator, Technology Transfer Department, Marshall Space Flight Center.

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