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 (kē′mō-prĭ-vĕn′shən, kĕm′ō-)
The use of chemical agents, drugs, or food supplements to prevent the development of cancer.

che′mo·pre·ven′tive adj. & n.


(Medicine) the prevention of disease, esp cancer, by means of chemical agents
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Aspirin has been investigated to explore its chemopreventive effect in cancers that are related to chronic inflammation, particularly in the prevention of colorectal cancer.
The systematic review and meta-analysis of published randomised controlled trials (RCTs) was conducted to review the effectiveness of current chemopreventive agents in the treatment of oral leukoplakia lesions (OPLs) and prevention of their progression to oral cancer.
Specifically, in vitro and in vivo studies have shown that resveratrol exerts chemopreventive and antiproliferative activity against various cancers, including skin cancer, by suppressing cellular events associated with tumor initiation, promotion, and progression, and triggering apoptosis in such tumor cells.
An ideal chemopreventive agent with its low toxicity, affordability, and easy accessibility"2
Together, our findings demonstrate preclinical chemopreventive activity of sulforaphane against carcinogen-induced oral cancer, and support further mechanistic and clinical investigation of sulforaphane as a chemopreventive agent against tobacco-related HNSCC [head and neck squamous cell carcinoma].
A single course of topical 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) prevented 62% more actinic keratoses than placebo, and this chemopreventive effect persisted for up to 3 years, according to an analysis of the Veterans Affairs Keratinocyte Carcinoma Chemoprevention Trial (VAKCCT) trial.
Further confirmation from other cohorts may provide support for the use of statins as a chemopreventive in patients with IBD," said Dr.
Their topics include the beneficial health effects of fucoxanthin, synergistic plant genomics and molecular breeding approaches for ensuring food security, proteomic analysis for the functionality of Toona sinensis, proteomics in understanding the molecular basis of phytochemicals for health, the cancer chemopreventive effect of curcumin through suppressing metabolic cross-talk between components in the tumor microenvironment, applying algae for cosmeceuticals in the omics age, and transcriptomics of plants interacting with pathogens and beneficial microbes.
erinaceus)] was extracted and chemopreventive efficacy of Persian Gulf brittle star polysaccharide was investigated in HeLa human cervical cancer cells.
Furthermore, it is widely accessible as an inexpensive over-the-counter vitamin supplement and presents a new chemopreventive opportunity against NMSCs that is readily translatable into clinical practice.
Exploring these mechanisms can lead to the development of chemopreventive or therapeutic strategies targeting aberrant gene expression or pathological pathways.
This online pre-publication is titled 'Search for novel circulating cancer chemopreventive biomarkers of dietary rice bran intervention in ApcMin mice model of colorectal carcinogenesis, using proteomic and metabolic profiling strategies' and will appear in its final edited version in a future edition of the scientific journal.