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A formfitting dress with a high collar and usually long, slit skirt, traditionally worn by Chinese women. Also called qipao.

[Cantonese ceong4 saam1, long gown : ceong4, long (from Middle Chinese trɦiaŋ; also the source of Mandarin cháng) : saam1, gown (from Middle Chinese ʂa⋮m; also the source of Mandarin shān).]


(Clothing & Fashion) a straight dress, usually of silk or cotton, with a stand-up collar and a slit in one side of the skirt, worn by Chinese women
[from Chinese (Cantonese), variant of Mandarin ch'ang shan long jacket]



a knee-length dress with a mandarin collar and slit skirt, worn in East Asia.
[1955–60; < Chinese dial. (Guangdong) chèuhngsāam < Chinese chángshān literally, long dress]


A Chinese women’s dress with a slit skirt and a high, stiff collar.
čínský ženský šat
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In the series, sexy elements such as women, cheongsams, flowers and thighs present a kind of gaudy and erotic beauty.
There were zombie-women wearing cheongsams with identification cards emblazoned with the Malaysia Airlines logo.
Similarly, women's clothing have also undergone extensive evolutions, progressing from early old-style cheongsams and Lenin coats to one-piece dresses, blouses and skirts in various styles.
I'm glad that [a person in attendance] said what he did [a sarcastic remark about celebrating Christmas in his culture with a tree and some presents], otherwise, they might have insisted that we put on some cheongsams and beat some drums, maybe light some incense.
Pretty Chinese and Thai waitresses robed in traditional Chinese Cheongsams - Naomi Campbell herself has been photographed wearing one of these elegant, thigh slitting numbers - are all beaming smiles as they lead you to your table and enquire after your day.
But you'd think among the feng shui wind chimes, silk parasols, Shanghai dragon T-shirts, jade bracelets, Buddha snow globes, 2-pound bags of dried sea cucumber, Jet Li posters, bamboo back scratchers, toy combat chucks, shiatsu sticks, plastic Ninja swords, Madhuban incense cones, box kites, matching ivory vases, two-fold cotton shirts, plum blossom cheongsams and Hello Kitty backpacks, maybe there'd be one, simple Rockets No.
They want to take their readers to Chinese territories beyond the usual images of the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, rice paddies, misty and picturesque mountains, and cities where Chinese women dress in cheongsams and bicycles flood every street.
Top British designer Paul Smith set the ball rolling with an inspirational autumn/winter collection featuring cheongsams, Chinese prints with mandarin collars and sweet little China girl T-shirts.
CHICKS WHO KICK: Micro minis and walking sticks that were the styles of choice at the ``Kill Bill: Volume 1'' Hollywood premiere on Monday night at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, not cheongsams and kimonos.
But the highlight of the evening was ``Pan Asia,'' a Chinese New Year's parade of cheongsams and slip dresses by Kamisato and Jessica McClintock on models wearing long gloves, feathers and elaborate hats that looked like banquet centerpieces.
Arashan Ali's partner was modelling a gold cheongsam, a high-necked dress, as his filly The Gold Cheongsam came good by a neck in the Weatherbys Insurance pounds 300,000 2-Y-O Stakes.