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n. querubismo, condición fibroósea infantil que causa agrandamiento de los huesos de la mandíbula.
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This provides differentiation from additional entities that typically include giant cells: cherubism, central giant cell granuloma, giant cell tumor in the setting of paget's disease, and aneurysmal bone cyst.
The role of SH3BP2 in the pathophysiology of cherubism.
Ramon syndrome###HGF and cherubism, hypertrichosis, mental retardation,
67-70) In these groups of disorders, some identifiable pathogenetic factors include viral infection or autoimmune diseases66 and fibrous dysplasia or familial cherubism.
Differential diagnosis includes giant cell reparative granuloma, cherubism, true giant cell tumor, aneurismal bone cyst, and solitary bone cyst (61.
Christ-Siemens-Touraine syndrome, Stikle syndrome, cherubism, and ectodermal dysphasia were identified.