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Noun1.chess board - a checkerboard used to play chesschess board - a checkerboard used to play chess  
checker board, checkerboard - a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors
chess set - checkerboard and a set of 32 pieces used to play chess
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Naisi and Deirdre were seated together one day, and between them Conor's chess board, they playing upon it.
The other painter student, Mahnoor said that her work portrayed the world as chess board where all human beings are players and chess pieces too.
You are at the chess board, the opponent is awkward, and the best moves can always be seen from the sides.
v set, cupboard, exucutive chair, table, palstic chair, chess board, carrom, weight machine, steemer machine, orthocare electric heating pad
Adarna uploaded the photo of a chess board with the black king piece toppled over as a sign of resignation.
Although the problem has been solved by human beings, once the chess board increases to a large size no computer programme can solve it.
To do this, I put a chess board on the bottom of each mirror to be reflected in the one below.
Many are thought provoking--the Indian story about the Rajah taught to play chess, who rewards his teacher with a grain of rice doubled on every square of the chess board, which leads to mighty calculations and the realisation that his people are hungry.
Whether it is a camera the size of a button hole or secret compartments in a seemingly ordinary chess board, Ultimate Spy showcases the technology spies use to gather information during a mission.
Each entrant will sit behind their own chess board and Lord Mostyn will circle the room playing one move per game on each board in turn.
Players representing 14 universities took part in the event with semifinals were played with electronic chess board and were showed live on screen.
If standing on her home square on an otherwise empty chess board, how many potential moves does the queen have?