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Noun1.chess master - a chess player of great skill
chess player - someone who plays the game of chess
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He worked at Chess Master Connections in Providence, but was known for his sales of chess educational materials (Blackstone Chess) and equipment at chess events in Southern New England, including recent ones in Sturbridge.
Rahman claimed that two of his sons were denied the chance to have lessons with an international chess master and that one father spat at his wife.
Ukraine chess master and chess trainer Alexei Kosikov presents Elements of Chess Strategy, a step-by-step guidebook and teaching tool for executing one's strategy, while remaining aware that one's opponent will be taking countermeasures.
A superb trio of Broadway-hardened performers has been assembled for the principal roles: Jill Paice as lovesick Florence, Euan Morton as Russian chess master Anatoly and Jeremy Kushnier as his headstrong American opponent, Freddie.
CHESS MASTER AND PUPILS: Hillhouse Secondary Technical School senior chess team, 1955/6, from Peter Weatherburn (tmcHUD191009hill)
The chess championship came to an end with the crowning of Chess Master, Zorab Etsora followed by Alexander Chernin of Hungary, Egypt's Basim Ameen and Azerbaijan's Chess Master Severly Al Taj placed fourth.
The adverts feature Gaelic Players Association chief Dessie Farrell who has battled depression, chess master Paul Leavy who was diagnosed schizophrenic aged 17, journalist Carol Hunt who had post natal depression, and anorexic mother-of-two Marie Devine.
Left: Meet The Chess Master, alias The Executioner and confusingly also The Jester, whose real name was Max Hora.
INTERNATIONAL chess master Mike Donnelly is squaring up for a battle via e-mail.
As soon as one chair became available Jan, like a chess master, ordered the next customer into it.
The biographical drama based on the book about a female chess master by Tim Crothers; 'The Girl on the Train,' based on British author Paula Hawkins' best-selling thriller; 'A Monster Calls,' based on Patrick Ness' fantasy novel; 'Inferno,' based on Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code' series with Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon; 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,' based on J.
London, Dec 23 (ANI): Nine-year-old Samuel Sevian from California has become the youngest-ever chess master in the US following a match in San Francisco.