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Noun1.chess master - a chess player of great skill
chess player - someone who plays the game of chess
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That helps explain how, in February, the 11-year-old became the youngest female in the United States to earn the title of chess master.
BIRTHDAYS: Gene Hackman, actor, 85; Vanessa Redgrave, actress, 78; Boris Spassky, chess master, 78; Dick Cheney, US politician, 74; Phil Collins, rock singer/drummer, 64; Brett Butler, actress, 57; Christian Bale, actor, 41; Wilmer Valderrama, actor, 35; Peter Crouch, footballer, 34.
Russian chess master and political activist Garry Kasparov said a Kazakh dissident banker is in danger if a court rules he should be extradited from France.
The movie also stars Aditi Rao Hydari, and the story reportedly revolves around a bedridden chess master to be essayed by Big B.
In the Crimea, we are seeing a chess master pitted against a superficial Hollywood want-a-bee.
A Master Simul is a where a chess master takes on multiple players at different boards at the same time.
BIRTHDAYS: Gene Hackman, actor, 84; Vanessa Redgrave, actress, 77; Boris Spassky, chess master, 77; Dick Cheney, US politician, 73; Phil Collins, rock singer/drummer, 63; Christian Bale, actor, 40; Peter Crouch, pictured, footballer, 33.
Earlier in 2013, before his 10th birthday, he had become the youngest American to become a chess master.
Idani, who maintains his sole leadership of the Under-18 Open, is to face Spanish great chess master Anton Guijarro in the 8th round white beaded.
Compiled by Hungarian chess master Laszlo Polgar, and featuring an informative introduction by chess expert and instructor Bruce Pandolfini, "Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games" is a massive, 1104 page compendium of fully diagramed chess problems, enabling even the most novice chess player to gain expertise.
As the current reigning chess master, Khairallah has competed both regionally and internationally.