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Noun1.chess match - a match between chess playerschess match - a match between chess players  
match - a formal contest in which two or more persons or teams compete
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THIS Cold War love story set around a world title chess match was a smash hit in 1986.
Reyes will have his hands full again on Monday as he engages on another coaching chess match against Chinese Taipei head coach Chou Chun-san.
That will create something of a chess match in terms of tactics, do Blues allow Cardiff to come on in the hope of quick counters or do they try to push them back?
Talking about his character, Cardinal Michael Spencer, Cromwell admitted that one of his main focuses is the political chess match in the show.
He hopes to expand the hours of the all- comers chess match in the near future, and he is considering starting a Tuesday meet-up.
THE chess match between the Government and junior doctors is entering its endgame.
A Denver defense that led the NFL in sacks can expect a long evening trying to contain Newton while Manning will engage in an intriguing chess match with a Panthers defence spearheaded by All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly that led the league in takeaways.
Kasparov subsequently challenged ten guests to a simultaneous chess match.
While this was going on there was a water fall, a 60ft robot, a huge chess match with Take That as the pieces and frog men climbing over the stage.
Now it is more like observing a chess match or the growth of a tree.
Others may enjoy the challenge of an intense game of snooker or pool or to pit their wits in a chess match.
The incident was extensively covered in the Sudanese media with some describing the chess match with the Israeli player as a "sports shame" while others noted the resignation of Zaroog as a rare precedent in a country where public officials refuse to stand down unless they are forced to.