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1. A member of certain male orders of knighthood or merit, such as the Legion of Honor in France.
a. A French nobleman of the lowest rank.
b. Used as a title for such a nobleman.
3. A knight.
4. A chivalrous man.

[Middle English chevaler, from Old French chevalier, from Late Latin caballārius, horseman; see cavalier.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a member of certain orders of merit, such as the French Legion of Honour
2. (Historical Terms) French history
a. a mounted soldier or knight, esp a military cadet
b. the lowest title of rank in the old French nobility
3. an archaic word for knight
4. a chivalrous man; gallant
[C14: from Old French, from Medieval Latin caballārius horseman, cavalier]


1. (Biography) Albert. 1861–1923, British music hall entertainer, remembered for his cockney songs
2. (Biography) Maurice (mɔris). 1888–1972, French singer and film actor


(ˌʃɛv əˈlɪər or, esp. for 1, 2, ʃəˈvæl yeɪ, -ˈvɑl-)

1. a member of certain orders of honor or merit, as of the Legion of Honor.
2. the lowest title of rank in French nobility.
3. a chivalrous man; cavalier.
4. Archaic. a knight.
[1250–1300; late Middle English < Anglo-French, Middle French. See cavalier]
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Noun1.chevalier - French actor and cabaret singer (1888-1972)Chevalier - French actor and cabaret singer (1888-1972)
2.chevalier - a gallant or courtly gentlemanchevalier - a gallant or courtly gentleman  
male aristocrat - a man who is an aristocrat
References in classic literature ?
Each of these many chevaliers, if we may believe reports, was, like the Chevalier of Alencon, an old gentleman, tall, thin, withered, and moneyless.
The Chevalier de Valois of Alencon was accepted by the highest aristocracy of the province as a genuine Valois; and he distinguished himself, like the rest of his homonyms, by excellent manners, which proved him a man of society.
The chevalier, now fifty-eight years of age, owned to only fifty; and he might well allow himself that innocent deception, for, among the other advantages granted to fair thin persons, he managed to preserve the still youthful figure which saves men as well as women from an appearance of old age.
Everything about this dainty chevalier bespoke the "ladies' man.
I wish to say three words to you, Monsieur Chevalier," stammered the SOUBRETTE.
Come in here, Monsieur Chevalier," said she; "here we shall be alone, and can talk.
Oh, good Lord, Monsieur Chevalier," said she, "what are you doing?
I will never help you in that, Monsieur Chevalier," said Kitty, warmly.
le Chevalier d'Artagnan, captain of the king's musketeers, whatever the said Chevalier d'Artagnan may demand of my property.
Chevalier, take my hand; it is that of a friend who will love you to his last sigh.
Prince Andrew saw by the cover that it was Les Chevaliers du Cygne by Madame de Genlis.
Again he embraced and kissed Prince Andrew, but before the latter had left the room Kutuzov gave a sigh of relief and went on with his unfinished novel, Les Chevaliers du Cygne by Madame de Genlis.