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Any of various cheeses made from goat's milk and having a wide range of flavors and consistencies.

[French, from Old French, from Latin capra, she-goat, feminine of caper, goat.]


(Cookery) any cheese made from goats' milk
Also called: chevret
[C20: from French, literally: goat]


(ˈʃɛv rə, ʃɛv)

also chev•ret


cheese made from goat's milk.
[< French: goat < Latin capra she-goat, feminine of caper goat]
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Noun1.chevre - made from goats' milkchevre - made from goats' milk    
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk
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Semifreddo is defined as a "semi-frozen ice cream dessert," while goat cheese is called by its French name, chevre, with no explanation.
Manufactured just down the highway in Kapuskasing by Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Abitibi Chevre is handcrafted using traditional techniques.
Il faut etre Tunisien pour pouvoir faire ce que les ministres du parti Afek de Yassine Brahim ont fait: inventer un nouvel artifice qui leur permettrait de menager le chou et la chevre.
These thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly', palate pleasing, appetite satisfying recipes range from Spanish-Style Eggs with Garlicky Crums and Chorizo; Sweet-and-Spicy Ginger Green Beans; Gemelli Pasta with Chevre, Arugula and Walnuts; Brown Ale Turkey with Gravy; and Vietnamese Caramel Fish; to Multigrain Soda Bread; Date-Stuffed Semolina Cookies; Chocolate Tart; Tamarind Dipping Sauce; Pickled Chilies.
A choice of fresh, cleansing salads Mountain Chevre or Caesar at Galler follows, before the main course options of beef steak with rice and saffron or Tandoori chicken with rice and saffron.
There are many varieties of goats' cheese but when baking it in the oven this way, a chevre type is best as it has a rind around it to hold it together
000 autres litres de lait de chevre produits par 300 tetes de caprin.
The word goat in French - une chevre - is an insult, a term used by the country's fans to describe poor players in football, and it seems Marseille need to show a bit of dog to win their supporters around, starting at Monaco on Sunday.
Dinner additions include baked chevre, barley-fed and salt-roasted prime rib, and bruschetta chicken.
Her well-thought-of collection consists of a 35 cm Birkin in Blue Tempete with a spacious matte chevre leather interior; a 35 cm Birkin in Tosca, made of calfskin leather; and the classic black Birkin Noir in calfskin leather.
I use double-strength, liquid vegetable rennet that I have left over from making chevre.
Expanding from only goat milk, The Dancing Goat Dairy offers goat milk, yogurt, kefir and a variety of cheeses from plain chevre and feta to queso fresco, as well as farm-fresh chicken, duck and quail eggs.