chewing tobacco

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chew′ing tobac`co

tobacco in the form of a plug, usu. flavored, for chewing rather than smoking.
[1780–90, Amer.]
References in classic literature ?
And for three pounds of Star plug chewing tobacco, Daylight bought outright three five-hundred-foot claims on Bonanza.
legs]; for there was a big sea running; and Tootles, the bo'sun, was among them, with a rope's end in his hand and chewing tobacco.
Some talked of gray, bewhiskered hordes who were advancing with relentless curses and chewing tobacco with unspeakable valor; tremendous bodies of fierce soldiery who were sweeping along like the Huns.
And the flap has been gummed, if I am not very much in error, by a person who had been chewing tobacco.
Muscat: Customs officials managed to seize huge quantities of contraband cigarettes, chewing tobacco and khat.
NEW DELHI (AFP) - Former 007 star Pierce Brosnan has been asked to explain why he features in a commercial for an Indian mouth freshener linked to chewing tobacco, Delhi authorities said Wednesday.
Kashif Ali Channar further informed that individuals who use chewing tobacco and snuff are 2 to 3 times more likely than non-smokers to develop severe dental problems, including tooth loss, abrasion of the teeth and bone loss around the teeth.
Among the banned items are chewing tobacco in any form, electronic cigarette, electronic shisha, and any product similar to it or made in any form of tobacco, swaika (a substance from tobacco products that can be taken by absorption, chewing or inhalation), cigarette machines, as well as advertising, promotion, or sponsorship materials that seek to introduce any tobacco product.
NAROWAL -- An Anti-Narcotics Force team seized 1,728 packets of smuggled chewing tobacco, such as betel nuts, gutka, ratan and nara, from the canteens of private schools and colleges on Tuesday.
Dubai: In a routine inspection campaign, authorities in Al Ain rounded up four men and seized dozens of bags containing the highly-addictive chewing tobacco known as naswar.
Customs officers at Hamad Port and Hamad International Airport (HIA) managed to foil attempts to smuggle into the country 21,616 bottles of liquor, over 19 tonnes of chewing tobacco and 17kg of the illicit drug, marijuana, according to a press statement by the GAC.
NYSE: TPB) has agreed to acquire four chewing tobacco brands and a twist tobacco brand from Springfield, Tennessee-based tobacco shop Wind River Tobacco Company for approximately USD 2.