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also chi·bouque  (chĭ-bo͞ok′, shĭ-)
A Turkish tobacco pipe having a red clay bowl and a slender stem that is often several feet in length.

[Turkish dialectal çıbuk, stick, rod, chibouk (equivalent to modern Turkish çubuk); akin to Old Turkic čıbuq, čubuq, stick, from diminutive of čıp, čıb-, branch.]


(tʃɪˈbuːk) or


(Recreational Drugs) a Turkish tobacco pipe with an extremely long stem
[C19: from French chibouque, from Turkish çubuk pipe]


or chi•bouque

(tʃɪˈbuk, -ˈbʊk)

a Turkish tobacco pipe with a stem sometimes 4 or 5 ft. (1.2 or 1.5 m) long.
[1805–15; < Turkish çibuk, variant of çubuk literally, shoot, sapling, staff]
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Chibouk was corrugated with evidences of deep thought: he was
We lay on those divans a long time, after supper, smoking narghilies and long-stemmed chibouks, and talking about the dreadful ride of the day, and I knew then what I had sometimes known before--that it is worth while to get tired out, because one so enjoys resting afterward.
La chambre de mises en accusation a la cour d'appel de Tunis a rejete mardi la demande de liberation de Slim Chibouk , presentee par ses avocats au titre d'une affaire de corruption dans laquelle il est poursuivi.
We had supper, and immediately after it he put his chibouk under his left arm, his tobacco pouch in his belt, and behold he was gone
Against the distant, moonlit backdrop of the mosque of Sultan, Cosrou reclines on a terrace, apparently stupefied by opium or hashish, as the pale blue smoke from his long-stemmed chibouk materializes into the dancing Zelide, who wears only a teasing smile.
We were having dinner, and he would put a chibouk under his left arm, stuck his tobacco pouch into his belt, and he took to his heels.
For single-letter symbols, I am unable to find anything longer than Ed Wolpow's PSYCHOPANNYCHY [1], though for the case where repeated symbols are forbidden I can offer the 8-letter WICKYUPS, UNBISHOP, CUSHIONY, CHIBOUKS, and BOYCHIKS.