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also chi·bouque  (chĭ-bo͞ok′, shĭ-)
A Turkish tobacco pipe having a red clay bowl and a slender stem that is often several feet in length.

[Turkish dialectal çıbuk, stick, rod, chibouk (equivalent to modern Turkish çubuk); akin to Old Turkic čıbuq, čubuq, stick, from diminutive of čıp, čıb-, branch.]


(tʃɪˈbuːk) or


(Recreational Drugs) a Turkish tobacco pipe with an extremely long stem
[C19: from French chibouque, from Turkish çubuk pipe]


or chi•bouque

(tʃɪˈbuk, -ˈbʊk)

a Turkish tobacco pipe with a stem sometimes 4 or 5 ft. (1.2 or 1.5 m) long.
[1805–15; < Turkish çibuk, variant of çubuk literally, shoot, sapling, staff]
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We lay on those divans a long time, after supper, smoking narghilies and long-stemmed chibouks, and talking about the dreadful ride of the day, and I knew then what I had sometimes known before--that it is worth while to get tired out, because one so enjoys resting afterward.
Chibouk was corrugated with evidences of deep thought: he was
For single-letter symbols, I am unable to find anything longer than Ed Wolpow's PSYCHOPANNYCHY [1], though for the case where repeated symbols are forbidden I can offer the 8-letter WICKYUPS, UNBISHOP, CUSHIONY, CHIBOUKS, and BOYCHIKS.