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 (shĭ-kān′, chĭ-)
v. chi·caned, chi·can·ing, chi·canes
To resort to tricks or subterfuges; use chicanery.
To trick; deceive.
1. Chicanery.
2. Games A bridge or whist hand without trumps.

[French chicaner, from Old French, to quibble.]

chi·can′er n.
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The instrument panel also features some electronic chicaner y in a gear and which family shift indicator which not only advises drivers on when to change to a higher or lower gear but gives a real-time indication of fuel consumption.
How an awfully unfortunate nation are we that we have such intolerable chicaners and imposters as our leaders.
Do these chicaners have any idea at all as to what distresses their buffoonery is causing to the masses?