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Noun1.chicken coop - a farm building for housing poultrychicken coop - a farm building for housing poultry
farm building - a building on a farm
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We went into the enchanted chicken coop, which was fixed mysterious with red cloth and pictures of hands with lines crossing 'em like a railroad centre.
A MEGA-rich financier will be cock of the walk after spending PS150,000 building a palatial chicken coop at his mansion.
SMILES BETTER: From left, residents Nikyla King, Caitlin Richards and Lorna Round are delighted at the award for the chicken coop project which was presented by Sue Perkins (inset).
Visit the chicken coop and organic garden for meal fixings, and take the afternoon feeding tour with owners Frank and Judy Mello, who know each animal by name.
It has been won for its work providing sustainable support for more than 20 years to communities in Uganda which included raising pounds 110,000, building a playground and funding a chicken coop for 1,000 birds last year.
AN AGGRESSIVE cockerel faces being expelled from a primary school's chicken coop after attacking pupils and a dinner lady.
McKinney acted as his own attorney and said in opening statements that the puppy had attacked a chicken and he shot the dog through a chicken coop.
THE humble chicken coop has undergone a designer make-over and is set to become the latest must-have accessory.
A resident from Kyogle in northern New South Wales had put the balls in his chicken coop to encourage his hens to lay.
ANOTHER goshawk has been caught sneaking into a South Wales chicken coop - the second in just two months.
Miranda tells George to take her father's cane and Bascombe Wade's ledger, and to leave these items in the chicken coop.
a bit like leaving the fox in charge of the chicken coop.