chicken coop

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Noun1.chicken coop - a farm building for housing poultrychicken coop - a farm building for housing poultry
farm building - a building on a farm
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We went into the enchanted chicken coop, which was fixed mysterious with red cloth and pictures of hands with lines crossing 'em like a railroad centre.
The body of the mother of a senior Nyandarua county engineer was found hanging from her chicken coop on Monday.
Those birds now nestle comfortably inside the New Eglu Cube Chicken Coop on Queren's family farm.
Finding ways to have your compost heap and chicken coop - minus the rats - was a hot topic this weekend at the 13th annual Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show at the Lane Events Center.
This must have come as one massive shock to the owner of the smallholding - who was alerted after hearing an almighty commotion from the chicken coop.
USPRwire, Tue Nov 15 2016] My Chicken Coop ( http://www.
We built a more robust chicken coop after the first theft.
David Beckham "Sitting in my chicken coop with the hens, drinking gin.
Med shot, Shelly-Ann Dinnall walking into chicken coop
Then, he decided to build his own chicken coop, which he decided to sell, first on Craigslist and now through his own website, www.
The result was enough material to build a small chicken coop and barn.