chicken drumstick

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Noun1.chicken drumstick - the lower joint of the leg of a chickenchicken drumstick - the lower joint of the leg of a chicken
drumstick - the lower joint of the leg of a fowl
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Also, the average retail price of chicken drumstick as of February 19 was pegged at P155.
Shaped like a chicken drumstick, these limited edition bath bombs smell like its secret spice mix.
Another showed a naked clergyman holding a piece of chicken drumstick.
The dog, now known as Xiaosa, was homeless and unloved when a group of Chinese cyclists travelling on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway passed by and gave him a chicken drumstick.
The Chicken Curry Don entree consists of rice topped with curry, vegetables and a fork-tender chicken drumstick that is marinated in the curry before being added to the dish.
4 Chicken drumstick, with skin (2) 3 Chicken thigh, skinless, roasted (2) 3 Eye of round steak, trimmed (3 oz.
He added his family prepared the food, except the chicken drumstick.
Make 3-4 deep slashes in each chicken drumstick and toss them in the sauce mixture.
Undercooked chicken drumstick A document marked "not to be communicated to the press" says personnel will get a one per cent pay rise but face a 17 per cent price hike for their food.
I blocked one of the Irish lads' attacks - my thumb swelled up like a chicken drumstick - but he was still given a point.
And in Brazil the Guarani de Juazeirom club were also made to fork out a fine after a Horizonte player was hit by a chicken drumstick, which the match official managed to recover and post to the authorities with his match report.
A butcher pointed to a single chicken drumstick the size of a highlighter pen.