chicken pox

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or chicken pox  (chĭk′ən-pŏks′)
An acute contagious disease, primarily of children, that is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and characterized by skin eruptions, slight fever, and malaise. Also called varicella.

[Perhaps in allusion to the mildness of the disease as contrasted with smallpox.]

chicken pox

A virus infection of the whole body. The rash starts on the back and chest. The disease may cause shingles in adults.
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Salma Shaikh further informed about the chicken pox that during pregnancy chickenpox can cause serious problems especially when infection occurs early in the pregnancy or at the time of delivery.
Apparently he must have scratched one of his chicken pox spots and that's how the infection got in.
The investigators discovered that this patient was the sole participant who did not have chicken pox in the past.
Chicken pox, which is very common in children, causes red raised spots to develop on the face or chest before spreading to other parts of the body.
Muscat: An increase in outdoor temperatures over the past few weeks has caused many residents to contract the flu or chicken pox.
But, as the number of children getting chicken pox gets smaller, the number of adults getting shingles is growing--and no one really knows why, Dr.
A person who has had chicken pox could find the virus reactivated in his/her senior years.
A 2005 study found that during 1998-2003, the incidence of chicken pox in Massachusetts went down by 79%, while the incidence of shingles increased by 90% (BMC Public Health.
STUDY REPORTS: We have reported 5 booked patients, 36 weeks pregnancy affected with chicken pox from year 2013-2014 in KIMS Karad.
Phnom Penh, Rabi'II 21, 1435, Feb 21, 2014, SPA -- Cambodia has reported an increase in the number of cases of chicken pox or varicella, according to a joint statement by the World Health Organization and the Cambodian Ministry of Health on Friday.
COTTAGE GROVE - Lane County Public Health announced Friday a chicken pox outbreak at Lincoln Middle School in Cottage Grove.
CHICKEN pox, which is believed to be a children's disease, has started taking its toll on adults.