chicken sandwich

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Noun1.chicken sandwich - a sandwich made with a filling of sliced chicken
sandwich - two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them
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Guests may also opt for a Fresh Mex chicken sandwich served with the same savory combination on one of Smashburger's juicy marinated chicken sandwiches.
LANCASTER - A Lancaster woman has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Kentucky Fried Chicken, claiming she discovered human blood on her Zinger Chicken Sandwich after eating part of it.
fajitas, bacon & cheese grilled chicken sandwich, french fries,
Add the fries to your dinner and it's like eating a Bacon & Cheese Grilled Chicken Sandwich with your meal.
Wendy's will showcase the new spicy offerings nationally in a YouTube video that takes viewers behind the scenes of a flavor-tasting research facility and records authentic consumer reactions to their first bites of the Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries.
It comes on the chicken sandwich along with the chicken.
This chicken sandwich is a far cry from the bland flavors you might expect from quick service restaurant chicken sandwiches, with upscale flavors and ingredients, such as a slice of rich, buttery Muenster cheese, sweet and savory honey mustard and a warm cheddar cheese sauce.
Across the street at McDonald's, Natalie Edwards and Bert Hamlin just shrug their shoulders and continue with their meal: a 2-inch pile of french fries between them, a chicken sandwich for him and a fish sandwich for her.
ATLANTA -- In honor of Church's Chicken Sandwich Celebration, the QSR chain is asking fans to express their feelings for their favorite Church's Chicken sandwich.
Only instead of gunslingers facing off 10 paces apart, two outlaws of a different kind will be dueling for menu supremacy: the Outlaw[TM] Burger and Outlaw[TM] Spicy Chicken Sandwich.
Known for its original chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A serves freshly prepared food in more than 1,850 restaurants in 40 states and Washington, D.
Yet Burger King still sells a Fried Chicken Sandwich with more fat (40 grams) and sodium (1,417 mg) than a Big Mac.