varicella-zoster virus

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var·i·cel·la-zos·ter virus

A herpesvirus that causes chickenpox and shingles.
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Shingles is caused by the dormant chickenpox virus, which stays in the body after a person has recovered from chickenpox.
Experts explain that the chickenpox virus (varicella zoster) can lay dormant in nerve cells for decades only to resurface as shingles (herpes zoster) in later years.
HERPES Zoster, more commonly known as shingles, is a nerve infection caused by the chickenpox virus.
A NEW four-in-one jab which combines the chickenpox virus with the contentious MMR vaccine could soon be available in the UK.
After infection, the chickenpox virus lies dormant in the roots of some nerves and may reactivate in later life to cause an attack of shingles.
SHINGLES is caused by the chickenpox virus, which can lie dormant after the initial infection and re-emerge decades later as shingles.
Shingles strikes when the chickenpox virus reactivates and resumes reproducing after lying dormant for decades in nerve cells in the body, causing itching, burning and tingling, as well as a distinctive red rash that develops into pus-filled blisters that later break open and form scabs.
Unlike German measles, which can cause deformities in unborn children, the shingles and chickenpox virus does not.
announced today that effective immediately it will cover the vaccine Zostavax(TM), designed to prevent shingles, a painful condition resulting from the reactivation of the chickenpox virus, typically in older individuals.
Last year, a University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) study in older adults showed that tai chi, a centuries-old Chinese exercise described as "meditation through movement," improved immunity to shingles, a painful nerve disease that results from a re-emergence of the chickenpox virus.
Complications from shingles, which is caused by the reactivation of the chickenpox virus that lies dormant in the body, result in about three times the number of hospitalizations and five times the number of deaths as those from chickenpox disease.
The vaccine, chickenpox and shingles, a painful disease caused by the reactivation of the chickenpox virus (varicella-zoster virus or VZV) in later years, will be the subject of a special episode of The Cutting Edge Medical Report(R) on Thursday, February 1, 1996.