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 (chĭk′əl, chē′klĕ)
The coagulated milky latex of the sapodilla, formerly used as the principal ingredient of chewing gum.

[Spanish, from Nahuatl tzictli, from tzicoa, to seize, hold, stick something to something else .]


(Cookery) a gumlike substance obtained from the sapodilla; the main ingredient of chewing gum. Also called: chicle gum
[from Spanish, from Nahuatl chictli]


(ˈtʃɪk əl)

a gumlike substance obtained from the latex of certain tropical American trees, as the sapodilla, used chiefly in chewing gum.
[1860–65, Amer.; < Mexican Spanish < Nahuatl tzictli]
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Noun1.chicle - gum-like substance from the sapodilla
chewing gum, gum - a preparation (usually made of sweetened chicle) for chewing
gum - any of various substances (soluble in water) that exude from certain plants; they are gelatinous when moist but harden on drying


nChiclegummi m
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The honey-sweetened gob of chicle bore tooth marks that appeared to be those of a teenager.
The congealed sap was not burned for incense as copal was, nor was it batted around a Maya ball court like rubber, but chicle did produce value beyond the pure addictive pleasure of moving one's mouth.
The workers extract natural gum from the sap of the chicle tree, which is then used to make the product.
In chewing gum, it could serve as an alternative to petroleum-based resins, which are slow to degrade, and natural ones, like chicle, which must be imported.
Some use natural chicle, and others use styrene-butadiene rubber.
y sin dejar de sonreir a la muchacha que baila fijandose en el trabajo de sus propios pies mientras masca chicle muchacha quien te rompio tu mucurita de barro, la toma del talle invitandola a ladear el torso como el mismo lo hace, se vuelve en un giro que lo deja de cara a la mesa de honor y eleva las manos como si agitara dos maracas.
It was therefore hypothesized that the treatment of Chicle Chewing Gum (a gum known to be made from chicle obtained from the Sapodilla Tree) with natural producers o oxygenase would degrade the gum.
Other features on this new charger are a "change status" indicator for each charging position, a low voltage x chicle battery cutoff, a top-off charge capability, upgradable software, and a blackout button.
She liked leaning against the minder's yielding chicle, humming along with the nursery rhymes it would sing to her" (17).
The people traded cotton, copal (tree resin used to make incense) and chicle (gum) with Guatemala.
You can see where cola grows from a nut and visit the chicle tree - the main ingredient in chewing gum.